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Cruiser AND sportbike?

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    Hey guys;
    I’m looking for some feedback.
    I just recently bought my first bike. I started with a V Star Custom 650. I had planned on a 250cc bike, but found this 2006 model with low miles at too good of a price to pass up. Once I rode it, I fell in LOVE! I’ve been on dirt bikes and scooters for years, took my MSF course, got my license, and deeply respect the power of this cruiser.
    I would not want to part with this bike, but I find I still want a Ninja 250. After reading about the Ninja250 here and watching Youtube videos, it just looks like a ton of fun!
    My question is this: Usually there are “cruiser guys” and “sportbike guys”.. Anyone out there enjoy both?? They seem like they would be entirely different rides; weekend trips with saddlebags out to the lake on the cruiser, commuting and zipping thru town on the sportbike with a backpack. My coworkers call me “bike-curious” (haha, very funny).
    Is there anyone out there that enjoys both equally for different purposes? Or would I just pick one and never ride the other?


    We have 2 riders on here I think that enjoy both. New riders both old and young no longer really stick to one or the other or care. Both types serve specific purposes and can enjoyed equally. The ride will be different from one to the other but not so much where it’s overly complicated.
    As you said cruiser for the longer haul where luggage space will be a big concern or the sport bike for a quick jaunt through the twisties with nothing but fun in mind. Granted a cruiser can be used for the latter also but it does have its limits.
    Once you get a lot more miles under your belt a decent compromise to reduce the space taken by multiple bikes would be Sport Tourings. Designed for comfort in mind and with the sportier performance for fun and agility.


    what part of DFW you in? I live in Grand Prairie and work in Dallas.

    I have a cruiser. Took the MSF course and then bought the Vulcan 500 in July of 2008. And I just got a sport bike, the Ninja 650R in August of this year. At this point I am really enjoying both bikes. If I had to keep one I would probably keep the Ninja but if I had no bike I would probably get a Vulcan 900.

    Have you heard the Dallas Motorcycle Show is next weekend. You should go and ride the Ninjas. I went last year and rode the 250 first and then the 650. That is when I started to realize that I just might want a sport bike.

    Welcome to the forum. Nice to hear from someone else from North Texas.


    I am currently riding a sport standard (GS500E), but I have tried a cruiser and liked it (Boulevard M50), dual sport bikes and enjoyed them (DR200S & Super Sherpa)…I haven’t tried an out right supersport, the riding position is a little tight for me but it would probably be a blast for 20-30mins…but I have also tried a bigger sport standard and liked it a lot (Bandit 1250S)…I think they all put a grin on your face for different reasons…only my budget is holding me back…lol

    It’s really hard to choose when you can only afford one and you like them all…lol

    I would say if you aren’t sure what you prefer, go with a standard type bike…they will be more versatile and be able to do a little of both worlds…

    Good luck and happy shopping!!



    There are people who buy into an image too much to indulge any other interest, but despite being “a sportbike guy,” you wouldn’t see me turning down a free cruiser. I just have to choose which bikes to spend my garage space on, and I don’t want a cruiser enough to give up another bike for it.

    Bottom line is, get what makes you happy. End of story. Forget being a “cruiser guy” or a “sportbike guy” and just ride what you want.


    Hey Eddie;
    Thanks for the reply! I’m in Plano; howdy neighbor!!
    How is the 650R? It’s definitely a sharp looking bike! I’ve just been seeing these 250R’s all over Craigslist; some of them for a song.. I guess ppl outgrow the 250’s and want bigger. The Ninja is just such an awesome looking bike! Can’t wait to ride one.
    Don’t get me wrong; I love my V Star! And want to keep it! Just didn’t know if having two bikes was common or if I was just weird. lol
    Thanks for the heads up on next weekend’s Show!! I’ll be there for sure!

    Thanks too for the welcome!!



    Same here. For pretty much everyone here, it’s activity of riding that’s the main thing, not what you ride.

    With cars, there are true enthusiasts who drive econoboxes, and ignorant poseurs who drive 6-figure supercars. Same thing with bikes.

    That said, that’s why I like standards…you get a little bit of everything in one bike, which is good if you’re on a budget, either money or space-wise.

    If I had the space and access, I’d personally go for being an onroad and OFFROAD motorcyclist…love to have a dual sport, or even a full-on dirt bike. One day!

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