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Bugs, sweat, and highway speed.

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    Went on a REALLY nice ride this morning. Spring has finally arrived in the PacNW, and I wasn’t about to let it go to waste.

    My ride was only about 1:45, but my hind end was at about its limit at the end (lots of chip-seal roads). But I noticed a few things:

    1) Bugs on my visor. It was funny seeing deas bugs on my visor. At one point I had one flying around IN my helmet. I just kept thinking “please don’t land in my eyes”…

    2) I was overdressed. Even at higher speeds, I was warm. Time to ditch the quilted liner in the jacket. And I’ll be able to do riding jeans and knee pads the next couple days.

    3) I did my first riding at highway speeds (65 indicated, meaning 59 actual). I will definitely need to wear ear plugs. And since I was on a rural highway (two lane road, lots of driveways), I’m sure I’ll feel better about the superslab (no risk of any one pulling out in front of me) — I’ll be a little more mentally “relaxed”.

    Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been riding since October, and I haven’t been on the highway yet. Haven’t needed to. But I’ve got plans, and I’ll need to get on there some time soon.


    Don’t sweat the highways much man. Actually I find it much easier aka: boring then side streets and back roads. For one…. 99% of the time your all going the same direction. Most worries you will have is the emergency “I missed my exit” lane changers… the occasional crosswind and if your a speed demon LEO’s. Other then that… stay at pace if not a smidge above traffic speeds.

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