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A half-rack, deafness, and “it didn’t feel that cold”

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    This morning’s commute to work… Yesterday I rode in late to work after having to take my daughter to school (stopped by home on the way back to swap the cage for the SV), so it was already pretty warm on the way in (and a LOT warmer on the way back home). So today I wore Icon jeans with knee/shin guards, short gloves, no liner in the jacket… I was fine. A little cool, but not cold. I get to work and fire up the ion bombardment device, and do my normal morning distraction on Yahoo… It’s saying it was 34 degrees in Puyallup this morning. Didn’t feel that cold! But then again, it was all backroads at a max of 45 mph.

    And I put in ear plugs for the ride this morning. Funny, I wear them all the time swimming. But it was a little… insulating? I didn’t even hear the cars on the road at all. I found myself revving higher RPMs on the bike, and not closing the visor anywhere near as soon. But I’m a convert. Ear plugs will not be part of my every-ride ritual (including them in the ATGATT mantra).

    Lastly, I have a very small tank bag that houses a little multi-tool, a no-fog cloth for “just in case”, and a log for writing down mileage and gas purchases (so I can have data to back up my gas mileage bragging). Aside from that, I wear a backpack (a hunting model from Cabela’s in flame orange) to carry lunch and reading material. Last night when the fam and I made the shopping trip to Wally World, they were out of Dew (nectar of the gods, I tell ya). HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO ME!?!? So this morning I stop at the store to pick up some on the way to work. I don’t mess with the [email protected]$$ed cans — I go for the 24-oz bottles of “amphetamines in a bottle”. So a 6-pack of those puppies is equal to a half-rack of cans… Into the backpack they go. Luckily I only had 4 miles to go to get to work by then, as my arms were almost numb by the time I parked. THAT got heavy in a hurry.

    Hope your last ride was nice…


    LOL…glad you had a good ride. The more of you folks that talk about the weight and cumbersome shifts of backpacks I see the more and more thankful I am for my saddlebags.
    Oh and could not agree anymore emphatically on the Dew!

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