Ducati Scrambler Sixty2: Beginner Bike Profile + Owner Reviews

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Female Rider

The Urban Scrambler

Just like the classic enduro bike my dad owned and gave me my first ride on, the Ducati Sixty2 is a killer small displacement, go-anywhere bike. Urban exploration is the forte of the Sixty2, and I think it makes for a perfect choice for a new rider that spends most of their time in a concrete jungle.

As a new rider, being able to focus on the critical skills of clutch, throttle, and brakes is imperative. The Sixty2 provides a relaxed and natural riding position, combined with quality controls that make it easy to progress on those critical skills.

Our Take: Why You Should Buy a Ducati Scrambler Sixty2.

The most approachable bike in all the Ducati lineup, the Sixty2 has a 399cc twin making a healthy 41hp. Many small-displacement bikes get labeled as beginner bikes, and some view this a lesser than. Ducati even on this entry-level offering fits it out with premium parts and finishes.

In classic Ducati style, the Sixty2 has a traditional trellis frame with the 399cc engine suspended underneath. The front shock is a Showa piece, the brakes are from Brembo with standard ABS, and the stock tires are from Pirelli, all over the bike it is clear that your money spent got you something more.

Now a collection of higher spec parts alone doesn’t make a bike better, but Ducati is a brand with a lineage of fine riding bikes, and that DNA is felt in the Sixty2. When first approaching the bike you may be surprised that it’s quite small in stature, but with a leg over the saddle the riding position is relaxed and the controls feel natural, providing quick comfort for a wide range of riders. The seat of the Sixty2, like all the Scrambler models, is low at 790 mm (31.1 in), making it simple to have both feet flat on the ground. Pushing it off the stand takes more heft than the bike’s small stature would lead you to believe, but once rolling the bike is nimble thanks to the wide bars and well-engineered chassis.

The 2 into 1 exhaust is nothing special at idle, and to get the most from the engine requires exploring the higher rev range, this is where the sounds hit a more pleasant tone. LED lighting, on-trend blacked-out parts, handsome 10 spoke wheels, all hit a vibe that Ducati aimed at the craft beer drinking, plaid wrapped urbanite. The Sixty2 is more than just a beginner bike with a swanky brand on the tank, it is a smile maker that will take all the abuse a new rider can throw at it.

Bottom line: The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is an approachable bike, fitted with quality parts and loads of style. The Sixty2 will tolerate a new rider learning curve, never showing signs of a stereotypical Italian temperament, just returning a solid clunk with every gear change. Perfect in the tight urban environment, and easy to park at the craft brewhouse.  

Reasons to buy the Ducati Sixty2:

  • 41 hp from 399cc
  • Quality brakes with standard ABS
  • The seat height fits a wide range of inseam sizes to get feet flat on the ground
  • You can ride on the street and the trail easily
  • It’s Italian! It’s a Ducati!

Reasons not to buy the Ducati Scrambler:

  • The cost of a Ducati tends to be higher than most brands
  • Depending on where you live, service can be harder to find

Production Run & Notable Model-Year Changes

Production Run & Model Generations

Sixty2 (2014-)

  • 399cc
  • Classic Style

In 2019 all models received updated ABS systems to included Corning ABS

In 2021 the new Scrambler models are now Euro 5 compliant.

Owner Reviews of the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Press & Magazines

Newbie sort-of review: Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

“The Scrambler made for an ideal comrade riding around the city. It was forgiving of my terrible riding and hard to stall — although I still managed to. The clutch was light and gearshift crispy, with a nice “chunk” that let you know you’ve shifted correctly”

Matt Bubbers -January 7, 2018 – Canada Moto Guide

7 Things I Learned About The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 In A Wicked Week Of Riding

“When the traffic parted, I was keen to find out if the 41bhp Ducati had the power to stay with fast-moving traffic. The answer? It did. In fact, for a 400cc naked, the Sixty2 was very impressive.”

— Neil Winn – Carthrottle.com

Ducati Scrambler Icon vs. Triumph Scrambler Comparison Review

“It was rock solid and leans a long, long way before a footpeg will touch the road. Its ride is much firmer and more precise than the Triumph’s but was nonetheless comfortable and not harsh.”

– Mark Hoyer, April 20, 2015 –  Cycle World

What Owners Like

  • It’s just a really fun bike.
  • The riding position and the suspension feel spot on.
  • It is a high-quality bike.
  • The fantastic looks of the Scrambler.

What Owners Complain About

  • Brand new the Sixty2 is pricey compared to the competition.
  • Air-cooled engines are hot in summer traffic.
  • In 2016, Ducati mechanics began seeing issues with clutch plates failing.

The Bottom Line

The Scrambler Sixty2 is a very approachable bike for new riders, the seating position is low and makes getting both feet flat on the ground simple. Ducati has kept the bulk of the high-end parts used on the larger Scramblers, on the small displacement Sixty2, which honestly is both good and bad. Without a doubt, the Sixty2 is built to a high standard with top-shelf parts, but that is certainly reflected in the price tag.

If you can find a used one much of the high price is negated, but for those looking at a new Scrambler, I would be directing you to the 800cc Scramblers. The Scrambler series is excellent to learn on and a joy to ride on daily, with it only being about $1700 more to go from a Sixty2 up to the 800cc Icon, I would strongly recommend a new rider to consider upsizing if their budget allows for it. If riding in the city is your jam, and you find a sweet used Sixty2, you will have a fine machine to learn on.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

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Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 Specifications

The important specs are listed below. See the Wikipedia page for more detailed specifications.

Engine 399 cc  L-Twin, Desmodromic distribution, 2 valves per cylinder, air-cooled
Top speed Est. 185 km/h (115 mph)
Power 41 hp (30.6 kW) 8750 rpm
Torque 27.3 lb-ft (34 Nm) @ 8000 rpm)
Transmission 6-speed

F: Traditional Showa 41 mm fork

R: Kayaba rear shock, pre-load adjustable


F: Single 320 mm disc, with ABS

R: 245 mm disc, with ABS


F: 110/80 R18 Pirelli MT 60 RS

R: 160/60 R17 Pirelli MT 60 RS


L:  2150 mm (84.6 in)

W: 860 mm (34 in)

H: 1165 mm (45.9 in)

Seat height 790 mm (31.1 in)

Dry: 167 kg (368 lbs)

Wet: 183 kg (403 lb)

Fuel capacity 14 L (3.7 US/gallon)
Fuel consumption 44.7 mpg (5.26 L/100 km)

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