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August 11 – 13, 2006

Twin Cities Scooter Rally

The Regulars, a local scooter club, put on a terrific scooter rally in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota.

It started Friday evening with registration, music and socializing. On Saturday morning, there was more registration and breakfast at Yarusso Brothers in St. Paul. At 11:00AM, the ride began. I would guess that something near 100 scooters rode around the Twin Cities, stopping for lunch at Psycho Suzi’s in Minneapolis. The ride ended at Scooterville for Gymkhana, a slow race, and general fun. Saturday evening there was bowling, lots of prize drawings and socializing at  Elsie’s in Minneapolis.

Sunday morning started with breakfast at the Square Peg in Minneapolis…. and clouds, then rain, then more rain, then clouds, then more rain. A few of us did a bit of (very wet) riding, but there were (understandably) few scooterists wanting to be out in the bad weather.

Magers and Quinn Booksellers hosted Eric and Michael Dregni (scooter authors extrodinaire) on Sunday afternoon and the rally ended at the Chatterbox Pub.

There were lots of visitors from outside of Minnesota, including B.J. Strass of Scooter Rider Magazine.

B.J. visited Scooterville and Bob was kind enough to loan him a Kymco Xciting 250 to use during the rally. The new Kymco Xciting 500 was (at long last) in stock and we were there when the first one was delivered to a customer. I am hoping to get some time on a 500 in the near future and will update my review of the Xciting.

The Gymkhana was a blast, challenging for the riders and a great deal of fun for the observers.

One of the components involved picking up a beverage from one stool, taking a drink, and passing it to the other hand to be set down on a second stool. In the case pictured above we see an alternate approach – throwing the beer at Jeremy. Take a good look at the second image, EVERYONE is smiling, especially the rider.

Bob from Scooterville also gave the gymkhana a run. Notice the “correct” completion of the beverage transfer.

Here are a few more pictures from the rally:




There are more pictures at, most  of them much better than mine. Be sure and go through the gallery from “Moses” as he took some great pictures. Click on the image or the link below.

 The rally was blast and I’d like to thank all of “The Regulars” who worked so hard to make it happen. Special thanks go out to Lisa and Jeremy who went above and beyond to pull everything together and to Bob from Scooterville for his extreme generosity in letting us trash his parking lot and loading bay and…

I can’t wait for net year!



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