Some of the Coolest European Motorcycles Ever Made

We can’t deny the beauty and charm of some of Europe’s motorcycles. Over the years, the motorcycle has transformed massively due to new technology that’s available to us, however, some of the classics will never go out of fashion. European motorcycles have always been recognized for their styling as well as the unique riding experience, so if you’re looking for a European motorcycle that’s going to last and give you the very best experience, we’d recommend renewing your E111 and heading over to the places where these motorcycles were born to see them in action!

Ducati 888

The sales of this classic European motorcycle simply prove its popularity, selling more than 7,000 units in 1987 and saving Ducati from failure. The Ducati 851 was undeniably a highly loved motorcycle, however, the 888 upgrade was able to provide riders with something more cutting-edge. The 888 won two World Superbike championships with rider Doug Polen, and we’re not surprised with its tubular frame made from Chrome Molybdenum and suspensions made from Ohlins. Without this motorcycle, Ducati would never have reclaimed the title of European Superbike.

BSA Bantam

While many motorcyclists love to have a vehicle with a large engine, not all European classics had a massive engine or a mind-blowing performance. The petite BSA Bantam was still well-loved all the same, and in fact became one of the most sold motorcycles ever in Europe! Exact figures aren’t known, however, it’s predicted that BSA produced more than 50,000 units in 1951. Based on the German DKW 125 2-stroke, the BSA Bantam soon became a popular European favorite when released to the public in 1948, simply due to the Second World War-inspired design.

MV Agusta 750 Sport

This model was considered to be one of the best European classics of all time. The MV Agusta 750 Sport was inspired by the company’s Grand Prix racers, with many metrics that were cutting-edge at the time. The actual engine capacity for the 750 Sport was 790-cc, along with a DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft) in-line four cylinder 4-stroke with shaft final drive, which was very impressive back then.

Ducati Monster

The Monster model was, and always will be, one of the most legendary European motorcycles of all time. One of the most “prim and polished” styles ever released, the Monster’s most recognizable assets have been praised ever since its release. A slender trellis frame and a monstrous yet welcoming design made heads turn anywhere on the street. In 2005, the Monster accounted for half of Ducati’s worldwide sales, showing how popular this model was all across the globe.

These European motorcycles have been loved ever since their release, and while we have several, different innovative motorcycles now on the market, these classics will never grow old. From unforgettable designs to the nostalgic feel of the engine, we will never forget these European entries.