The Best Motorcycle Pants for Beginners Under $500

About Our Selections

When it comes to recommending gear, we consider everything from safety certifications to armor types and placement, quality of materials used, and everything in between. To make it on this list, these motorcycle pants have to provide the best protection for their price above all else, with considerations given to ventilation, intended riding style, natural and/or synthetic materials, and the like.

However, there is no "magic formula" that definitively says "This is the only pair of pants to use." These selections are made with educated opinions, sometimes even on-bike time with the pants for a review, but the best way to find which set of pants works for you is to is to head down to your local gear shop and try a few on. This is especially important because legs come in all shapes and sizes, and inseams can vary greatly between people that are the same height.

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Klim K Fifty 2 Jeans

Casual looking straight cut riding jeans that don't scream out "motorcycle gear!"

Alpinestars AMT-10 Drystar XF

A waterproof pair of pants for literally any application you can think of

Rev'It! Sand 4 H2O

ADV pants that are so well made they work for pretty much any type of riding

Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar

A set of pants that are true four-season capable and ready for any kind of touring you want to do

Scorpion EXO Covert Jeans

Another bit of budget friendly superb gear from Scorpion that really should be worth twice as much

Dainese Delta 3 Leather

If you can push your budget an extra $30, these are near as you can get to race grade at this price point!

Rev'It! Axis H20

Overpants designed for the commute in any weather that are quick to put on or pull off

Firstgear Kathmandu 2.0

Some of the best four-season ADV gear you can get this side of $500

Alpinestars Missile V3 Airflow

Designed for the heat of summer as well as the heat of competition, a pair of superb track-day pants