About Our Selections

These selections considered ease of use, rideability, price, and how effective each motorcycle was in helping the beginner or newer rider learn the intricacies of riding. We are confident that any of these bikes will be superb starter or second bikes for most riders.

If you are of the big and tall variety, many of the larger steps up in the model family are just as good. For example, if you are 6' tall and 230 lbs, a Kawasaki Ninja 400 might be too small or not powerful enough, in which case the Ninja 650 would be an excellent starting point. If you are looking at a Honda CRF230L, the next step up for the bigger rider is the CRF250L or even the CRF300L. The same works in reverse for shorter and lighter riders, in that if a Kawasaki Z650 feels a bit too big and too powerful, take a step down to the Z400. That's the joy of buying used, there is literally a bike for everyone out there!

Suzuki SV650

It's been around for over two decades, and it's still going strong. One of the best price-to-learning bikes out there

Kawasaki Ninja 250/300/400/650

The favorite of many new riders for how communicative and stable these bikes are

Kawasaki Z300/Z400/Z650

Take a Kawasaki Ninja, remove the fairings but keep all the handling and friendliness, and you have a Z

Suzuki DR-Z400S/DR-Z400SM

One of the most beloved dual sport/supermoto bikes of the early 21st century for good reason

Suzuki V-Strom 650

What Yamaha calls a Sport Heritage bike, it's a small displacement classic cruiser complete with a V-twin

Yamaha V-Star XVS650

A friendly starter cruiser from a few years ago that is well worth looking into

Yamaha TW200

It really shouldn't work, but once you ride it, the reason this bike exists makes complete sense

Honda CRF230L/CRF250L/CRF300L & Rally variants

A series of "dual sport" bikes that should be labeled as proper adventure tourers

Honda GROM

A smile-per-mile city runabout that is hilariously fun and may even get you some odd looks!

Suzuki Boulevard S40

A very friendly, if extremely simplistic, sport cruiser that is great to learn on