The Best Motorcycle Helmets for Beginners Under $500 [2021]

Beginner riders don’t want to spend too much money on gear, and hey, I get it. When I first started riding I spent all the money I had on a crappy motorcycle and I lacked extra dough for good gear. I wore an older open face helmet that I bought to ride go-karts years before and some sunglasses for the first year of riding. 

After that, I upgraded. I would not recommend this path to new riders. You need good protection right away when you’re most likely to make big mistakes. I’d suggest starting with a good helmet. You can spend a couple of hundred dollars for a good helmet or up to or over $1,000, but generally, I tell new riders not to buy anything over $500. 

For $500 or less you can get one hell of a helmet that will provide you with excellent protection, good features, style, and high levels of comfort. Also, as a new rider, I hesitate to say you need to buy the latest and greatest helmet out there that was designed for the best MotoGP riders. If you want to, go for it, but there are so many great helmets available for only a few hundred bucks. Here are my top 10 picks. 

HJC RPHA 90 Helmet

HJC RPHA 90 Helmet

  • Price: $459.99-$474.99
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 3.48 pounds

Let’s kick things off with a helmet that is right near the top of our pricing scale, the HJC PRHA 90 helmet is a fantastic lid that you should seriously consider if you’re looking for a modular helmet to keep you save. 

The helmet features the advanced P.I.M. fiberglass shell. This shell blends carbon fiber with glass and aramid fibers to make a uniquely strong shell. The helmet also features a wide eye-port, a one-touch chin bar opening mechanism, a MultiCool Interior that offers anti-bacteria fabric, a quick-release face shield system, Pinlock insert, an integrated sun shield, and eyeglass friendly EPS. 

Overall, this is a great modular helmet that can help you get the most out of each and every ride while still allowing you to be comfortable and safe. 

Scorpion EXO-GT920 Helmet

Scorpion EXO-GT920 Helmet

  • Price: $229.95
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 3.71 lbs

If you’re after that modular look, but you’re not happy with the HJC RPHA 90’s price tag, then I suggest you take a good hard look at some of Scorpion’s offerings, specifically the EXO-GT920 helmet. 

This helmet features a polycarbonate shell that’s still pretty tough and comes in three sizes. There’s also dual-density EPS, an Everclear no-fogging face shield, SpeedView internal sun visor, KwickWick II removable and washable liner that’s moisture-wicking, and a removable chin curtain. 

Add to all of that an aero-tuned ventilation system, and you have a really great helmet. It also comes with a five-year warranty, which is a truly nice thing, but also something many other manufacturers offer. 

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

  • Price: $125.95
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 2.41 pounds

A lot of people chastise open-face helmets, but I like them. Sure they don’t offer quite as good of features and protection, but they still provide a good amount of protection and they do so while letting you get the wind on your face. And, the Bell Custom 500 Helmet is the way to go in my opinion. 

Bell has essentially remade its helmet of old with modern materials and technology. This allows the Custom 500 to sit low on the head and look good while you wear it. The helmet features five shell sizes and five EPS sizes to keep the profile as small as possible. There’s also an integrated five-snap pattern that will allow you to add aftermarket shields and visors. 

Bell’s Custom 500 Helmet also gets a padded chin strap with a double D-ring closure system, multi-density EPS, and a five-year warranty—see Scorpion isn’t the only one. 

Arai Classic-V Helmet

Arai Classic-V

  • Price: $339.46
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 2.625 pounds

The Arai Classic-V Helmet is Arai’s take on the classic open-face helmet, and a good option if you’re not loving the Bell Custom 500 but still want that classic open face helmet style. 

The helmet features the PB-cLc shell, which is Arai’s special helmet shell. It’s one of the best in the business. There’s also faux leather edge trim, hidden interior ventilation, one-piece multi-density EPS, integrated five snap system for adding accessories like face shields, and a goggle strap holder. The helmet also comes with an anti-microbial interior and removable cheek pads. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an open face helmet that’s as comfortable as this helmet is to wear for hours and hours, which is what makes it so special. 

AGV K1 Helmet

AGV K-1 helmet

  • Price: $199.95-$209.95
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 3.64 pounds

The AGV K1 Helmet is an aggressive, sharp-looking full-face motorcycle helmet that will pair nicely with a quick and sporty sportbike or naked street bike. 

The helmet features AGV’s high resistance thermoplastic resin shell construction and the shell is offered in two different shell sizes. There are also four EPS sizes across the sizing range. The helmet comes with an integrated ventilation system, a quick-release visor system, scratch-resistant anti-fogging face shield, micro-opening visor, fully removable and washable 3D liner, and a double D-ring chin strap. 

This helmet is a fantastic option for sportbike riders who want good protection and style but don’t want to break the bank. 

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

  • Price: $485.99-$498.99
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds

The Shoei RF-1200 Helmet is right at the top of the pricing range for this article, but I do have to say it’s one of the best full-face motorcycle helmets you can buy for the money. If you’re after the culmination of what Shoei has put together after over 50 years, this is it. 

The helmet features Shoei’s AIM+ shell design that’s paired with the company’s impact-absorbing dual EPS liner. The helmet is also designed to be one of the quietest with an aerodynamic shell design and proper noise-dampening construction. It also features a good ventilation system, 3D Max-Dry System II liner, and a Pinlock lens insert. 

This helmet also comes with a breath guard and chin curtain as well as Snell M2015 certification in addition to the typical DOT approval. 

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

  • Price: $219.95
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 3.74 pounds

Bell’s helmet building experience has allowed them to figure out how to build one of the best adventure motorcycle helmets for the money. The MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet is that lid. 

The helmet features Bell’s multi-directional impact protection system for rotational impact protection. The helmet has a polycarbonate shell that comes in three sizes, an integrated face shield, a top-quality ventilation system, moisture-wicking removable comfort liner, and speaker pockets. 

There’s also EPS in the chin bar, a padded chin strap, and the helmet comes both DOT and ECE approved. This lid also comes with a five-year warranty as all Bell helmets do. 

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet

  • Price: $269.95
  • Head Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Weight: 3.77 pounds

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet is one of those that makes you wonder. It’s super good, and Scorpion is still able to sell it at a really good price. How? Don’t ask, just accept it. 

The helmet features a polycarbonate shell, dual-density EPS that’s multi-layered, intake and exhaust vents to keep you cool, and the Ellip-Tec ratchet system for the no-fog face shield. The helmet also comes with a drop-down sun visor, KwikWick II anti-microbial helmet liner, a flip-up chin bar, and speaker pockets. 

This is the ultimate do-anything, go-anywhere helmet. It comes with DOT approval and a five-year warranty. 

BiltWell Gringo S ECE Helmet

  • Price: $219.95
  • Head Shape: Round Oval
  • Weight: 3.54 pounds

The Biltwell Gringo S is now better than ever before. It offers classic full-face styling, a ton of super cool colors, and now ECE approval as well as DOT approval. 

The helmet offers an injection-molded ABS outer shell with a hand-painted finish, EPS inner liner, hand-sewn Lycra liner with diamond stitching, internal BioFoam chin pad, double D-ring chin strap, CNC-cut eye-port, rubber or chrome around the eye-port, and speaker pockets. 

This helmet is a great option if you want full-face protection and classic helmet styling. Biltwell makes quality lids, and this one is no exception. 

Bell Bullitt Helmet

bell bullitt Helmet

  • Price: $399.95-$419.95
  • Head Shape: Round Oval
  • Weight: 3.24 pounds

Bell’s version of the classic full-face motorcycle helmet is the Bullitt. This helmet takes a lot of Bell’s heritage and rolls it into a modern lid that looks old school. 

The helmet features a low-profile fiber composite shell with three shell sizes across the sizing range. The helmet also has a multi-density EPS liner, a premium comfort liner that’s removable and washable with micro-suede and a mix of fabric and leather. There’s a padded chin strap, five metal mesh intake vents, and an exhaust vent. 

This helmet comes with a—you guessed it—five-year warranty. It also ships with a flat face shield, but you can buy a bubble shield if you prefer.