About Our Selections

These selections considered ease of use, rideability, price, and overall cool factor of each bike. Yes, we considered the cool factor. If you look back on your own childhood, it wouldn't do to just have a normal pedal bike. No, you had to have the bright red one with the lighting stickers across the upper frame spar, or, for the really cool kids, a Power Wheel tricycle!

Being serious for a moment, we made sure that none of these bikes were overly powerful, too fast, or "iffy" in their construction and/or manufacturer. All the bikes here are well reviewed, well known, and a ton of fun for the younger members of your family, Despite these being kids motorcycles, please do make sure that you also include space in your budget for appropriate riding gear for your child, especially helmets and chest & back protectors (sometimes sold as "body armor" in motocross terminology)

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric

A great, rechargeable introduction to trail riding

V-Fire 40cc Gas Pocket Bike

If your kid is a fan of MotoGP or World SBK, this is the youth bike for them!

Stacyc 12eDrive

A electric bike for the younger kids, to get them used to balancing and riding early

Yamaha PW50

Now we're getting serious with a "proper" trail bike. A great bike for the mature youth rider

Honda CRF50F

The feel, stance, and ruggedness of the larger CRF models miniaturized. Make no mistake, this is a serious motorcycle

Suzuki DR-Z50

A proper dual-sport bike for the kids that is as close to the real deal "grown up" DR-Z400 big brother