The Best Dirt Bike For the Money

Dirt bike racing is a sporting activity that continue to grow rapidly. Riders and watching fans are thrilled by racing on the dirt tracks at extreme speeds and taking adrenaline-provoking high jumps. With the consistent growth of the popularity of this sport, so has the manufacturing of dirt bikes that are used in the racing. Indeed, racing fanatics even use dirt bikes to voyage through the streets. But which bikes give you the best value for money? Which brands and models are inexpensive but still deliver performance better or comparable to their pricey counterparts?

Read on for four remarkably cheap dirt bikes that delivers top notch performance off-road and on the dirt tracks:

Tao Tao DB14 Pit Bike

The newest model of the Tao Tao comes with a higher seat as well as taller wheels, which makes it the favored dirt bike for young adults and teenagers. The four-stroke air cooling engine of the Tao Tao DB14 allows for easy maintenance. Considering that the bike goes for dirt cheap (under $900), it has an impressive performance that is bound to surpass the expectations of beginners and seasoned riders due to the smooth riding coupled with its lightweight, which makes it easy to handle. The tires are made for all-terrain and all-weather, plus dual disc brakes to make certain that the rider has total control always.

Why Buy The Tao Tao DB14 Dirt Bike?

Based in the United States, the Tao Tao provides you with the perfect machine for a smooth off-road ride, and without draining your coffers. The average rider will have no problem with the size of the bike. The engine has an 110cc and a decent suspension which allows for unproblematic voyaging. The lightweight, affordability and dependability of the Tao Tao company makes the DB14 dirt bike irresistible to both new and experienced riders who are keen on off-road touring. While the company has other models to meet the preferences of different riders, Tao Tao dirt bikes are largely inexpensive but still deliver a performance comparable to that of highly priced dirt bike brands. For more information places to buy a Tao Tao, go here.

Suzuki RM250 Manufactured 2001 and Later

The Suzuki has regained the number one spot for value for money in bike and motorcycle magazines, and for good reason. Although the bike is no longer produced since 2008, it goes for under $2000 and that is extremely praiseworthy. It comes with a two-stroke, 250cc engine and excellent suspension. It is vastly reliable and fast. If you want a used bike that will definitely give you value for your every buck and you come across the Suzuki RM250 in good condition, go for it.

The Suzuki RM250 manufactured in year 2001 or later yield excellent performance that reaches the peak with the bikes produced after 2005. Earlier models had jetting issues but all these problems were effectively eliminated by 2005. Suzuki attracts relatively lower prices in their bid to give optimal value to the customer. The RM250 is not only much more inexpensive, but it is also better than its counterparts like the Honda and Yamaha in almost every way.

Apollo AGB-36

The crème de la crème of cheap dirt bikes has to be the Apollo AGB-36. It is uniquely designed to provide riders with a noble experience when taking the tracks. This alluring dirt bike is lightweight and has a big fuel capacity to last many miles so that you can enjoy your ride without any ifs or buts. The engine quality as well as the bike’s suspension can hardly get any better. It is the bike you need to have when you want to fly on the tracks, not literally.

The Apollo AGB-26 Properties

The AGB-26 brings together some exclusive and distinguishing features which make certain that the motor bike is not only durable, but also exciting for the adventurous rider. Its single-cylinder four-stroke engine repays you with a smooth ride. With a 250cc engine, an air-cooling system and a great efficiency made possible by a 229.20 displacement, it is almost unfathomable that the dirt bike does not cost anything more than $1300. The wheels are relatively bigger, which enables for smooth riding and with its light weight, it’s quite easy to handle.

Dirt bikes are part of the story right about now. Even kids are snapping some pit bikes of their own in preparation to get on the big boys at some point in their lives. It might be about time you got on the ride-and on the cheap too.

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