About Our Selections

You have a few things to consider, chief among them is what kind of riding you're going to be doing. We're not meaning this in the sense of if you're going to be on a sport bike or a cruiser, but if you're riding solo, two-up, with a couple of friends, or a group ride. There are intercoms for each style of riding out there, so knowing what you'll be doing is a good first step.

One you know what kind of intercom you will need, we've made our selections based on hands on reviews, features, connectivity, and ease of use, as well as value for money. We are certain that any of the systems recommended today will be perfect for your music and intercom needs. Just remember as a beginner rider, however, to dedicate your focus to your riding, and for that reason, we recommend having at least a season under your belt before picking up an intercom.

Cardo Freecom 2X

An intercom perfect for solo or two-up riding

Syphon SoundPro

Not really an intercom, but it sounds so good during solo riding we just had to include it

Cardo PackTalk Edge

The best of the best when it comes to motorcycle intercom systems


When you want to chat or listen to music while also recording your ride

SENA Stryker Mesh Intercom Helmet

If you want a helmet with an intercom built in, you can't go wrong with this beauty