2020 Honda Rebel

Let Me Hear Your Rebel Yell! Japanese cruiser bikes have occupied a cherished space in many new riders' learning tenure. Honda decided to modernize their small-displacement cruiser offering with the introduction in 2017 of the new Rebel 300 and 500 machines. Though the Honda Rebel 300 shared many components with its 500cc sibling it is very much its own bike, with its own unique character. The Rebel platform takes a simple, raw, cutting-edge style and makes it approachable. The Rebel design is blacked-out, stripped-down, and low-slung, bringing an attitude much larger than the cubic inches beneath the seat. The choices available are better than ever currently for new riders and Honda smartly keeps the cost of entry low by sharing components across the lineup. Honda proved the strength of the 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke, using it successfully in both a Sport and Naked configuration, but in this Cruiser chassis, it now brings appeal to a wide range of new riders. Let’s break down the Honda Rebel 300. Our Take: Why You Should Buy A Rebel 300