Kawasaki Ninja 250 Review

The Kawasaki Ninja 250r is the ultimate starter motorcycle for a new rider. It's nimble, light, and gets great gas milage. Although the look of it may be a bit 'aged' compared to some of the newer style of 600cc motorcycles, I personally think that the bike holds its own aesthetically... especially the 2007 black color scheme. I think you will be hard pressed to find another 250cc machine that looks as good and handles as well.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the 2008 kawasaki ninja 250 review! The new version of the bike rocks!

This Ninja is powered by a 248cc, 4-stroke, parallel twin, DOHC, engine that puts out quite a bit of power for being just under 250cc's. It can run the 1/4 mile in 14.6 seconds at 88mph which isn't as fast as other larger displacement bikes, but I think this is more than enough for the real world. For comparison the 2003 Acura 3.2CL Type-S will run the quarter mile in 14.9 seconds, so as you can see this little ninja can beat a lot of imports off the line. The 250R can hit 60mph in 5.75 seconds, which is just as fast as the the 2002 Subaru ImprezaWRX which can hit 60mph in 5.7 seconds. Although I don't recommend drag racing, this little ninja is no slouch!


Something that makes this motorcycle really fun is its 14,000 rpm redline; it's a real screamer when you take it on the highway! The ninja really loves being wound up to 9,000 rpms, and at around 10,000 you can really feel it start to grip the asphalt. Even though this motorcycle is fully faired (meaning it is covered by plastic sides to protect agains the wind), the motorcycle is so light that you will get blown around quite a bit at 65mph, and even more at 80 mph or 90 mph. This isn't entirely a bad thing, it just takes a little getting used to.

This motorcycle is great for the shorter rider. If you are only a few inches over 5 foot then you will think this motorcycle is a godsend compared to other 600cc bikes. Even if you are shorter than that I'm sure that if you shave the seat down a little you would be very comfortable on it. On the other hand I personally know of a few 250 riders that are around 5'9''-6'3'' and they have never had any problems with this bike. (Usually these are the tall skinny type of guys so if you are more than 250 lbs I would probably recommend going for the Suzuki GS500 or the Kawasaki Ninja 500, which have a little more horsepower). 

ninja250older.jpgFinally the best thing about the Ninja 250, in my opinion, is how inexpensive it is to own and maintain. There is a myth that motorcycles are much cheaper to ride than buying a car. This may be true for the initial purchase (with the average 600cc motorcycle being less than $10,000 and your average car being over $15,000) but once you add in tires, maintenance, motorcycle gear, insurance etc., the price of riding a motorcycle quickly climbs to much more than a car.

The type of motorcycles that started this myth were most likely bikes just like the Ninja 250. Not only is it cheap to buy (at around $3,000 brand new), but it also gets as much as 60 miles to the gallon! The reliability of the Ninja is simply fantastic and will continue to run tens of thousands of miles with just oil changes and new tires. Even if you do run into some trouble, the Ninja 250 has had few mechanical adjustments since the late 80's; which means that parts for this motorcycle are EVERYWHERE! So if you want one of the cheapest forms of transportation that can take you on surface streets and freeways, then the Kawasaki Ninja 250R fits the bill!



  • Small and nimble. Gets about 50 miles per gallon!
  • Very forgiving to new rider mistakes.
  • Inexpensive! (brand new around $3,000)



  • Fully faired motorcycle (expensive to fix the plastics!)
  • Broad RPM range, you really need to wind it up to get it going.
  • May get blown around more on a windy day than your average 600cc.



  • 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) 5.75 sec 1/4 Mile 14.6 sec @ 88 mph
  • Maximum Speed 105 mph (170 km/h)
  • Max Horsepower 36 @ 11000 RPM (26 @ rear wheel)
  • Max Torque 18 Ft/Lbs @ 10000 RPM (14 @ rear wheel)
  • Fuel Efficiency 55-75 MPG


This bike is simply fantastic. It's the first bike that I've owned and the reason I got it was because I heard it gets really good gas milage and also that it was good for shorter riders (i'm 5'3''!!!). Well this bike fits me PERFECT, it was a great bike to learn on, and probably in another 6 months or so I'm going to move up to the Kawasaki ZX-6r or maybe the ZZR. I highly recommend this motorcycle if you are just learning to ride.


It's awesome when riders start with a smaller bike! When choosing between the ZZR and the ZX6 I would ask yourself what you are using the motorcycle for. If its for daily commuting I would probably go for the ZZR, but if you are a weekend canyon rider I would definitely go for the ZX-6r, that thing is amazing in the corners.

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for people lookin for a beginner bike.. id suggest the United Motors V2S-250R.... the reviews speak for themselves. that paired with aa low retail price... you got urself a pretty schweet deal.

The UM/Hyosungs are $800 more expensive than the Ninja 250R, as well as having what's best described as "lackluster" brake feel and tops out about 15mph lower. The EX is still a more advanced motorcycle (liquid cooling and all...). The only thing the UM/Hyosung seems to have on the EX right now is it's more cosmetically modern. But I'd take a machine that I know works over one that's eye candy any day...

Ha ha your crazy UM is Hyosung and Hyosung is a POS. the bike falls apart while you ride it. Way to many problems on that GT250R. Get a bike thats dependable and the company stands behind there product. I have the GT250R and I can tell you the Ninja is a better bike hands down.


I have a 2006 ninja 250. my bike has a 4 year warranty now it is like 2 years. and before i got it i was debating between that and the Hyosung. The Hyosung is a newer brand so your not so sure what you dealing with as much as a ninja. ninja has been around for a long time and has been very efficient. many people have liked and enjoyed the ninja. SO YOU KNOW ABOUT WHAT YOUR GETTING. I have heard there are so kinks in the Hyosung not to sure but it is like a rumor to me. True it might $1500.00 less but your getting what you pay for. I an't taking any chances. I am not try to shoot down the hyosung and i think i could be like u said a excellent starter bike, but when you try to sell the two different bikes out in public the ninja shows more. The hyosung is a good looking bike but ninja is too. Even the new 2008 is a pretty sick looking bike. The Hyosung is just new. and it has some kinks to work out. The company will do that over the year. If you use a little comon sence you can see why it is cheaper, $1500.00 cheaper people send it in with problems under warrenty where do u think the money comes from? In some ways it is sorta a POS.

well for those of you who really want to see a diffrence from a proffesional point of view check this video out


Hi. I just bought my first ninja. 2000 ninja 250. I am 5'5 female and I'm sooo happy! Any machine we own if we respect it it WILL RESPECT US. GOD BLESS ALL! +

you look like a tool take that picture off you idiot.

I'm sorry you feel that way, you do not have to visit the site if it offends you. Ben ~Best Beginner Motorcycles Admin

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I am buying a zx6r tell me more about it thanxxxx

how fast does it top out 4 u

With a little work I can hit around 100mph give or take 5mph. Thats plenty fast for me :)

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Ive gotten my 2007 250RR up to 110 beating cars and sucking up other drivers easy! up hill u wont get 110 but straight 110 easy..but thats really fast and having rode a katana going 130...my 250 is all I need!! plus you can easily ride with 600's unless they ride at 130 all the time...doubt it...lol but 110 is what a 250 will do 4 u..got me away from the police!!

Man this is a gem!

Hey there, I enjoyed reading your review o f the new Ninja. I am very new to riding bikes. I passed my CBT about a month ago and I'm hooked on the bike already. I have a Honda CG 125cc. It was my 2nd choice as I wanted the new CBR-R with the twin light stylings of the Fireblade but In the end I'm happy with my choice. And fuel efficiency.... I thought my needle was broke, I had done 78 miles and It did'nt seem to budge. I understand it's still early days for me but I was hoping to buy a 2nd hand 600cc in about 18-20 moths. At the moment, I have the odd stall, but feel more comfortable with my riding than I initially was. As I said , early days. I'm 5-11ft and just over 11 stone and 30 yr old, I mention my age as If i had a bike ten years ago I would have wrapped it round a lampost inside a week!. (no joke) Cheers bud, Stu

I just picked up a ninja 600r 1994 vintage for 750 bucks and its got 17,000 miles on it.
I rode Harleys in the past decided it was time for a sport bike. This is totally different then my softtail. I just dont know why I waited so long to get a sport bike. I was a bit crazier when I was younger and can relate to what you said about wrapping a bike around a lampost in a week. I am a 42 year old rider and still have days I want to pop wheelies but seem to have a larger brain then when I was 21 years old. My 1st bike was a Honda 125 I got it in high school age 17. Then switched to a Honda 450 hawk at age 18. These little Hondas are great starter bikes and will get you to the moon on one tank of gas. LOL its funny to think for 750 bucks I got a bike that can blow the doors off my older c4 corvette in the 1/4 mile. I see some great deals on used bikes with low miles on craigslist these days. 2k can buy a lotta bike right now at seasons end.


Keep in mind that getting "bored" and "outgrow/outride" are different. Just because you're bored of the bike and the power doesn't mean you have outgrown it. Realistically, it will take the average rider YEARS to be good enough to "outride" the 250. Granted, not everyone is out to be the next MotoGP racing star r tear up their local race track...So you'll probably move up before your skill surpasses the bike's abilities. But just food for thought, you don't NEED to move up in six months. But if you decide to you'll be glad you learned the basics on a good beginner bike first.

i am 6'3" and about 195lbs. will this be a good bike 4 me??? this will be my first bike. also does anyone know the average price for insurance for a 19yr old male riding a ninja 250??? chris

IT will be about 90 dollars a month for full coverage with State Farm and progressive, I'm the same age and I have been looking into ninja 250 and hyosung 250

I'm under 19. How much are we looking at for me!?

I purchased a hyosung 250 about a year ago and it is indeed a POS, very poor quality. I have since upgraded by a long shot to the Ninja 250. I absolutely love it. Great quality and so much fun to ride.

i am planning on getting the ninja 250 also...i am 19 years old...6'3'' and 185 pounds...i hope the bike is good for me but as far as insurance goes...i am gonna get minimum coverage...which for me is $200 a year...

it like 25 - 50 mons

im 45 years old,6feet 3inch,ride ninja 250. liability insurance only $75 per year(paid cash for bike)

Im looking at a 2009 model, and State Farm has quoted me around $33 a month. (This is in Alaska btw, where you can only ride 3-5 months out of the year if you're lucky).
I know I also got quoted anywhere from $50/mnth (Geico Powersports) to $79/mnth (Progressive) for insurance.

I'm 6'1" 210 and I learned to drive on a Ninja 250 ZZR. I wouldn't recommend anything else to anyone to learn on. I'm now wanting to get a 600 just because it is bigger physically. The 250 will give you a great feel for what a sport bike is capable of without spreading you over too much road if you make a mistake. If I started out on a bigger bike I can't say for sure if I'd be here typing this to you know. As far as insurance goes here in Canada some places won't insure younger drivers and if they do it will be very costly. Currently I'm 30 and I'm paying $700 a year and that includes my wife on the insurance.

so... im a beginer rider and have been reading all the comments here. ive been offered a 2007 ninja 250 for @ 2000.00. i dont really know if this is good, ive been told yes. i dont care how fast i can go from 0 to 60, i just want to get the hang of riding. safely. i want a freakin bike and i want it NOW!!

I hope you've got the bike by now. You definitely won't regret it. Take the MOTORCYCLE SAFETY CLASS!!!!! Can't stress that enough! WEAR YOUR HELMET! Can't stress that enough. You got a good offer ..pending on the mileage. If low mileage (maybe ?? under 8,000) good deal. I bought my bike from a dealership for $3000 with 4000 miles (2006 model). then paid 1000 for lo-jack. I don't think i will be getting any other bikes soon. She's all I need. Love her! I was scared as chicken shit when I got on one for the first time. I ran straight into a tree. Swore i'd never ride one again, but got with some other women riders. It boosted my confidence and now I ride everywhere.


Nice to hear you enjoy the 250 so much. I'm extremely new to biking, I've loved bikes for ages but still haven't got one yet (money issues and things). Saving at the moment to do my theory, CBT and restricted license all at once at an intensive week course. I'm looking to get the 250 for my first bike in the new year, I actually cannot wait! I eventually want to get a Z750...but that'll be years before that comes around haha.

Cheers for the good review,


I've had a 250 Ninja (2006) about 2 years now. I LOVE IT. I live in South Florida so I can ride it year round. Everyone should definitely take the safety class and get their license via the class. It has made me a appreciative and cautious driver. I always look out for others!!! The gas mileage is superb..about 60 mpg. When gas was high it helped me out tons!!! I drive it almost EVERYDAY! It's just enough for me. It does everything I need it to do. I get on I-95 with it...No problems whatsoever keeping up with the flow of traffic. Does blow around a little around the big trucks. She's a keeper!!!

So you didn't lower the bike? I'm 5'4 and just starting, Do you think It's a good idea to lower it?13

Dude this bike is ok, but I doubt I could keep up with my buddies on it LOL!!

Well granted this motorcycle isn't going to be as fast when drag racing with your friends, but i've known more than a few 250 riders that consistantly pass the larger 600cc and 1000cc motorcycles in the curves. Going fast in a straight line is easy, going fast in a turn takes skill (skills that riding a good beginner bike can help you master!)

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good point. very true.

Most of my friends can't keep up with me in corners. I'm a better rider because of the bike, which has allowed me to explore its limits and gradually improve my abilities without it trying to kill me all the time like a 600cc sport bike would.

I had one of these from the late 90s for a couple months. I am over 220 and had no problems getting this to go suitably. The seating position was mostly pretty comfortable for decently long rides too. The biggest problem, and the one that led me to get rid of it quickly, was reliability. These are bikes with a known hunger for frequent valve adjustments (every 3k miles or so). The bike is also very cold-blooded-- I live in the South, and it needed to be choked decently any time the ambient temperature was under 75. (I had the carbs gone through and also tried out a brand new EX250 with the same conditions.) More troublesome, my bike had fuel delivery problems (water got in the gas frequently for reasons neither I nor my mechanic could ascertain; I had it cut out and die on me a couple times in VERY bad spots) and electrical issues. This was a bike that had been garaged and well-cared for.

I liked the Ninja decently and it was a fun ride, but I don't know if I could bring myself to risk buying another one, even a new one. I traded it for a Rebel - not as fast, sure, but it has better pickup off the line at stoplights and has NEVER given me a single problem in six months of daily driving. Oh yeah, and the Rebel looks better to da ladies too. Kawasaki really ought to make a naked version of this; they look totally silly if not butt-ugly at this point in time, and I was usually pretty embarrassed to be seen riding mine.

Wait...you thought the Ninja looked silly, and went and got a REBEL?!?! Be honest...what looks sillier, a Ninja 250 next to a Ninja 600, or a Rebel next to a Triumph Bonneville or Honda Shadow? At least the Ninja is only slightly smaller than larger displacement sportbikes. The Rebel looks like a circus clown-bike next to "real" cruisers. As for reliability and maintenence, I think most mechanics would agree that the Ninja 250 blows away all other 250cc options.

Seems to me that you just got a lemon.

I don't even know where to start....lol Its a great little bike. I got the 2007 candy plasma blue. Its very hush hush and timid under 6-7 rpm. After that it's get the hell out of my way grandma!!! The little bastard boogies no doubt about it. Great gas milage. Great powerband! Top speed of about 105-110. Had it to 120 downhill. Keep in mind the speedometer is about 10% off. My research has shown that ALL bikes are 5%-10% off....just how it is. Bigger wheels have shown to bring the percentage down. Good shocks to soak up bumps...for 2 up riding you should put a ex500 shock on and even for single riding will greatly help handeling/cornering. Def. look into diff tires. Stock tires are well....free tires. Once they become unstuck they usually stay that way. If your someone that WONT push the envolope/doesn't plan to even go into many turns/curvey roads than you might be ok on stock tires. But for just a LITTLE bit more you can upgrade to awsome tires like your on a rail. Im upgrading to some Perrelli Sport Demons. Not much storage under seat at all. Helmet lock is pretty lame as a helmet locked on it will sit inches if not right on the muffler...not good. Windshield is not all that efficient. Directs wind at mainly the chest area and face a little. Tucking does help but not immensly. I plan on upgrading to a Zero Gravity Double Bubble for it. Better protection from wind/flying debris and cooler look. Front shocks do move quite a bit under hard braking, but I am told a thicker weight fork oil would solve this. I will do that soon. The 2007 models have almost a cast iron texture to them, which i don't really like....but they do come clean no problem. Very light little bike. GREAT in the twistys. It can technically beat a corvette in a 0-60 race!!! Do the research. After about 65-70 mph accelleration is a little slow, but nothing terrible. All in all, I give it an A. Un fortunatly i can't give an A+ cause it's not an ex500 LOL! =) All the cons are very minor and not worth getting worked up about. Do yourself a favor. Don't jump on the bandwagon like alot of people like to do for image reasons or what ever. If its for around town pretty much and some freeway here and there than get a freggin ninja250. Its one bad ass little bike. You can't beat the price, insurance cots, gas costs and part prices. Also go to ninja250.com/ninja250.org where you will hear angels singing! TONS and TONS and TONS of info there! Do your self a favor....get a damn 250 and don't be skepticle if you found this site yes it's worth it, yes it's bad ass, yes it's fun and everyone thinks its atleast a 500 or 600 LOL. Happy trails!

HotWheels-Money can sometimes buy happiness....but for free just give me a road!

A vette has a 0-60 under 5 seconds. Don't fool yourself, a 250 ninja is not even in the feild of a vette. Not to mention what would happen when the vette hits 2nd!!!! The 250 ninja is a good starter bike if you like rockets. I would like to see the ninja 250 on a cruiser since I am a student and avid camper who like to take my books or gear with me on the bike.

true the vette and the 250 arn't even close in a race. vette all the why. but i could bet the 250 got the vette off the line. the statisic for the 250's .25 mile run was like 14 seconds. the vettes is like alot less but just spit balling maybe like 10 seconds. defenatly faster than the 250. but i love my ninja. it is a great starter bike!

I've got on and think it's absolutely great.I'd have another like a shot.In case you weren't sure, I'd completely recommend them.
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hehe, circus clown bike.

I would have to say Honda reliability is in a class of it's own and if you don't believe me, look at the 20year resale for a rebel. A 20 year old rebel sold for about 1200 bones and can be sold today for profit.

The Honda Rebel is, as are most Honda products unsurpassed for reliability. However, the Rebel is an extreme niche market machine even more so than a US 250cc. and should be regarded as more of a collectors item for non serious cycle riders which is the main reason for them holding their value.

www.ninja250.org. This is a riders club with one of the most thorough FAQ's/How To sections I've ever seen. Not to mention forums for any topic which are monitored and readily responded to by extremely experienced riders and mechanics. I've never had a problem with mine. Bought an 06 with 1500miles for 2500 cash. Never looked back. I am always "looking" at bigger bikes, but can't part ways. I don't think I've ever been able to push the bike to it's limit (even for straight line acceleration). I've gotten close and have taken it to the red through 3rd, but that was plenty thrilling for me. I just like riding.

he is entitled to his own opinion on looks. and as for the ninjas cold starting troubles he is right. its not even cold out and my 05 is struggling i guess thats why its for sale. still like the bike its just a pain.

The choke is there for a reason...I had no problems after my first week with it. Also, 250s generally like to be revved to 5k or so before releasing the clutch off the line. It's easy once you know what you're doing, but if you just release the clutch then hammer the throttle from 1k rpm, yes, it will often die. It's rider error in failing to understand the machine.

i hope you have fun while it lasts until your clutch burns out. use some intelligence and engage your clutch as soon as possible to prevent burning the friction plates to hell. roll slowly into 2000 rpm and when the clutch catches on, fully release it and then hit the gas!

you, sir, are an idiot. your air/fuel mixture screws on your carburetors are out of adjustment as they often are straight out of the factory. adjust them yourself or have a certified mechanic do the job and your ninja will run perfectly.

Great review. The 250 Ninja is hands down the right bike for the newb rider. Great resale value since there are always gonna be new riders. Looks are a bit outdated but would you rather drop your brand new GSXR in front of everyone or learn how to ride right the first time? Swallow your ego and gain confidence first. There is no reason to have a 1000CC bike that can top out at 150MPH. Be safe, ride smart.

I have the ninja 250R I love it I think this is the best bike that kawasaki ever make, I am a beginner, I think I will keep this bike for a long time.

I just bought this bike and its my first streetbike. I am 5,6 and about 140lbs. So far...nothing has been able to keep up with me on take off and thats all i want. I dont like going all that fast but even at 70mph, I am not even half throttle and I can punch it and be at over 80mph in seconds. It may not be the fastest bike out there but I love it and for the price...I walked out for a little over 4000 dollars brand new with a 3 year warranty and they do all the maintenance. I honestly dont think i will move up to a larger bike because it feels like im on my dirtbike cause its kinda small and doesn't seem intimidating to me.

I have an '05 250 and have to say that it's a great bike. It handles well and has pretty good acceleration. The more confident I feel with my ability the better the bike performs. I've scraped a few times from leaning too much but many people remove the center stand and hit the twisties. The bike may be from the 80's, I understand. However, its liquid-cooled, high-reving engine and its light weight make the bike a great ride. I've ridden in stormy weather and lived to tell about it. I've smoked v8's. I get 54 miles per gallon. What else do you need from a beginner bike? Everyone needs to start somewhere and this bike is a good foundation for the 'bigger' bikes. Is bigger better? Sometimes, sure. But in the case of the 250, being the lightest sportbike means agility as well as confidence.

I just bought a ninja 250.....and would have to say I love it as well.......but......i do agree with about 50 percent of the people out there...im kinda a dumb stupid ass........i do see myself outgrowing it in 6 months......and moving up to a 600cc.........but the little thing does have balls in the high rpm range........def starting on one of there things is a great idea..........i still cant outride the bike by far.....and love the stupid people in cars that think they can keep up....and cant.......lol.........great bike......buy it if you want to learn to ride!!!!!!! than buy a bigger one.......remember 25 percent of the people that buy a 600cc bike......that dont know how to ride...will drop in within the first 19 minutes of riding it....or so i have been told that.................i have nothing bad to say about the bike.....the only thing that has happend to it so far is a nail in the tire...which im gonna fix today

I just looked at the UM/Hyosung and thought whoa that's bad ass!... looking... Then I read on and found it to be more expensive and less proven.

a ninja 250 can't outrun a corvette. who the fuck is that stupid? go do your homework son!

First, Commenter#1, you need to clean up your language.
Second, where did you read the word "corvette" in the review?
Third, for grins, let's compare: 250cc, 0-60@6-sec, $3000 vs. Z06, 0-60@3.5-sec, $70,000 ... hmmmmm?
Fourth, ... oh, jus'fuggetaboutit!

Corvettes are nothing special especialy for 70k and swearing does not help make your point it just makes you look even more ignorant than you already are you wise punk. if you can't behave than don't bother posting anything her "son" ...... what a dork! you probably don't have a motorcycle or a corvette you probably drive around in your moms cheesey daewoo leganza wagon picking up fat chicks thinking you are the man. again let me say what a dork!

I'm a new rider and so far I really like this 250r. One thing that bugs me alot is the 1st break in at 500m. You cannot exceed 4,000rpm. I only weigh 168 and that still only lets me go about 35mph. The 2nd break in point is 1,000m. Cannot exceed 6,000rpm. Hopefully that will get to 50mph so I can leave my neighborhood.

I just bought a 07 250 and love it. There are other ways to break in the engine other than the factory method. check out ninja250.org it has all the information you need for a 250. Also listed are alternetaive break in methods. I gave up the factory method at mile 9.

I bought the 2007 250 ninja brand new and what they meant by breaking it in was the rpm dial on the left side which gives ur bike its reving...I actually road the bike on a highway right after I bought it and kept at 80...but the break in is just a precaution..but thats why theres a warranty.. But the 250RR actually maxes at 110 on a flat surface!! I have beaten cars, kept up with 600 riders who ride between 80 and 100.. The bike gets respect for being a 250..besides..who wants to speed at 130mph anyway...lol

me... I wanna speed down the highway at 130mph. If there are no cars or polices around. Sadly I cant do that for another 2 to 3 months. It seems that that some jealous unseen god-like force is against me doing that thou. Some crazy lady decided to jump out and touch me... at 50mph... in a X-terra... at intersection.
Who needs those pesky ol red signs anyways ? I'll just say it kinda hurt. And also killed my lil 250... when I can I'll buy another one and its big big bro the Zx10r!
2fiddys are cool in that if you have any friends with 6s or 10 for that matter you can draft and pass that 110 you'd get under your own steam. Of course I had tinkerd with some things under the tank ^-^ If you are willing to give up get-up-&-go swap out your sprockets.
Play around but just dont mess and thing up and a 250 will do bury that speed-o-meter arrow thing. Hand to god I promise it will. But if you arent careful it'll bury you. Ride safe and wear you gear. and Im OUT!!!

I just purchased an 07 Ninja 250 *brand new* and have lots of difficulty starting it when cold. I do exactly as the dealer suggested (choke fully open until 2-3rpm and then cut off), but bike continues to stall and die. It takes over five minutes to warm up. I live in Central Calif near the ocean where temps never drop below 50 during the day. Anyone else have problems with starting a new 250? Any suggestions of how to improve my "good times"?

I'm not entirely sure, but I have a few suggestions. My GS500 was really cold hearted and it took longer than that to warm up! Also generally I would open the choke until 3rpm's and if it started to go higher I would turn down the choke a little more so it stayed at 3000rpm. I would let it just kinda cook at 3,000 for a minute, then I would completely turn it off and that has helped me with my warm up for my old GS500. Also i'm not sure if this would help, but if you were interested in doing some mods most motorcycles (especially california ones) run lean from the factory, meaning that not enough fuel is getting to the motor. They do this so they will pass emission standards, so most people usually install a Jet kit on their motorcycles that way they run "rich" instead of "lean". I haven't done it myself, but it is definitely something I plan to do, and it may help with your cold starts.

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Yeah Im a short rider so the 250 is great for me as for as height and learning. I would actually like it to be a little lower. My freind told me that it was possible to lower it by way of the spring under the seat. Is this true and how would go about doing it?

I'm pretty sure you can lower it quite a bit by adjusting the suspension or something like that (i'm not too technical, I just know there is a mechanical way of lowering it) and you can also shave the seat, which means someone just cuts some of the foam away and recovers the seat to make it lower. If you do those two things then even if you are REALLY short, I don't think you should have a problem.

Hi, I am about 5'1 and about 110 pounds. I have been riding for 3 years now. I started on Kawasaki Ninja 250R, and it was the best decision i have made. I rode the 250 for 2 years i recently bought a SUZUKI GSXR-600, and i needed to have it lowered, they used lowering links in the rear and dropped the front forks. they lowered it about 2 inches and it is perfect. look online for lowering kits, or go to your dealer (they usually charge $300-$400 to have it lowered). i hope that this helps.

I also have had trouble starting my bike in the cold... and the warm weather. My bike is an 06 ninja 250 and it like to run with the choke on all the time. I will be taking it to the dealer today to see if I can get the carb tuned or something. Other than that, the bike is great. Good on gas, good acceleration, easy to maneuver, and my short legs touch the ground :-) I live in Illinois were the weather can get quite cold and hot too. Doesn't seem to matter, it likes to run with the choke on or else it just dies.

Damn! You should NOT be running with the choke on all the time. If your motorcycle dies even after its warmed up then I would suggest messing with the idle adjustment so more fuel gets to the motorcycle. If its an 06 there is no reason for there to be that big a problem, take it back to the dealer and don't stop until they fix it!!


I am a new rider so i bought the 250 and so far so good. however i am pretty short and would like to lower if possible. my friend says i can lower it by way of the spring under the seat. Is this true and how if it is. Also, everyone claims the tires suck. I know they look tiny but what the real disadvantages to such a small tire

Two things: I ride my '03 Ninja 250 year round from 10 degrees to over 100. Never have any problems with starting or running The factory tires Do suck. It's not so much the size, but the poor grip and the soft sidewall. Get a good pair of Pirrelli's and it's a whole new ball game.

Lemme guess...it's dying on you when you drop the clutch from a standing start? Throttle up to 4000+rpm or so THEN slowly let out the clutch. You shouldn't be riding around with the choke way open.

i actually have the same problem as you i juz recent bought a used kawasaki ninja 250 2004, i cant seem to get it started. the weather is between 50-60 and i just dont know how to get it started carb, engine oil, all replaced before the purchase anyone have easy/simple things i can do to start the bike in cold weather? im knew to motorcycles so dont know much bout it at all

I just got my Kawasaki Ninja 250 and it's absolutely wonderful.

I can't imagine ever getting bored of this bike. Sure sure if you think straight line speed is the most important part of riding you'll get bored quickly... but for a reasonable person this thing has plenty of power to keep up with traffic and even walk away from it. It's faster then most sports cars.

The fun you get out of this thing is riding it on curves. Riding technique is keep. If you can't walk away from larger bikes on curves you shouldn't get a bigger bike. That's what I figure. It's the rider, not the bike. You can always push yourself further.

i got an 07 ninja250 and using it for my daily work commute. i did some computations on gas milleage and compared it to my 04 accord, found out that i'm saving around $400 a year. enough to buy me a fancy helmet or four pairs of riding pants.

I have had my 07 ninja 250 for about 4 days now. I ride it to work and back daily (about 60 miles all freeway)I love It I find my self in search of a windy road to tackle every chance I get!! Exceptional acceleration and great handling. So far I have nothing bad to say about it. WELL..... Ok the helmet lock seem to have been thought up by a monkey and is completely nonfunctional as far as I am concerned. I have never had a helmet lock rest my $$$ helmet on a hot pipe!!! Bad design!! other than than that one complaint I love my new Bike, for the money it looks great and will get up and run when commanded. No it is not as fast (top end) as other larger displacement bikes but it is also only $2900. If you are an experienced rider and want a lot of top end go out and pay $$$ for it (But please be careful!! speed and carelessness can be devastating) This is a great little bike for the money, easy to handle and is a lot of fun to ride. I definitely recommend. In closing ride safe all, watch for idiots!! and keep the rubber side down!! Bikes are more fun that way :)

I have a 1993 ninja 250, best bike ever. Have not put any money on it other than wear and tear. Oh and i think the older ones look way better than the new ones, what was kawi thinking?

After countless trips to dealerships, i decided on a Kawasaki 250. This will be my first bike purchase and it is both economical and cheap. From comments here I gather that everyone love's their bike. I wish they made the 07 250 in green though. Anyway, I am going to pick one up this week! Wish me Luck!

I sit pretty much upright on my bike - feet forward like a chair.
This Ninja 250 looks like you're leaning into the handle bars a bit.
Is that true or just an illusion. If so, is this a comfortable position?
It looks as if there is little wiggle room i.e. can you shift your legs and butt around after an hour of riding?
The seat looks a little hard and I'm wondering if leaning forward makes it an uncomfortable for guys?
Glad I stumbled upon this forum, lots of good info.

I'm 5'6". Anyone think that the 2008's 17" tires will make it a taller bike?

Thanks, Phil

I have the '07 and the seat is pretty comfortable. I've been on 1-2 hour rides and haven't had the urge to shift my seating position. There is a slight lean forward onto the handlebars but you sit pretty much straight up but with you feet under you instead of in front like a chair.

Well im 6'1. Its a pretty comfy ride for me. I dont kno but i think it would be much of the same for you. I kno for sure you wont be tippy toeing it. I only suggest wearing a cup if you plan on trying to wheelie. I say this becuz I took a rather nasty shot in the pills on my third wheelie. I twitched and it hiccuped and jerked me forward a bit... jus enuff to rethink my hooliganism thru the ringing in my ears and the tears in my eyes. Oh yea to wheelie from a start jus take off slo like your moving around in a parking lot and at bout 10 mph clutch and rev to bout 7 or 75 rpm and dump it. She'll come rite up and take off like a bat outta that bad place. Throttle control is key here cuz it may startle you and jerk outta ur grip...
(that makes you kinda look dumb) lol
You can pop em or ride em out that all depends on how confident you feel. Having said that dont try if your new to riding or dont have money to blow on replacing a clutch. 250 wheelies are clutch killers. But it shuts up snotty 6ers.

The new ninja looks great. I think that they really did a good job on redsigning it. I think that it is the best looking beginner bike. I think that I will problably pick this as my first bike, unless they redo, the Ninja 500. Does the new one handle different than the old one. I was wondering because it has bigger wheels. Thanx

The ex500 has not been redone and the 2008 models are posted.

~Not your average hairless monkey

Yeah I know that the ex500 has not been redone. I was talking about, if the new 250r handled different, than the old one.

I'm sure the handling has changed a good amount. What we don't know yet is things like how soft/hard the suspension is, whats the front to back wheel measurement as well as other things. Unless they put new fairings on a old bike, things will change.

~Not your average hairless monkey

I up-graded from an FZ6 600, to the 250 ninja. It's a blast to ride in 4th, and 5th around town. I can take off from a stop and go thr the gears with out getting a ticket. (not with the FZ6). I get 60-75 MPG and can keep it at 80 plus on the freeway. But, for the moto snobs, I will have the 125 CC graphics. Look at them when you pass them. Ha HA

I am 6'4" 170lbs, so far I've read that unless you're heavy you shouldn't go for something more powerful than this with zero experience. Can I get any opinions, I've had my mind set on this bike but now I am having some doubts.

Your best bet is to go to a dealer and just sit on it and see how you feel. You may like it, you may not. Have the dealer hold the bike for you so you can sit on it with both feet up and get a better idea. Remember that he won't mind to much to hold the bike for a while.

~Not your average hairless monkey


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