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Site not working

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Sun, 05/15/2011 - 22:23 -- adri

I keep being asked for the CAPTCHA but i'm not seeing the question anywhere?

I also had a problem when I wrote an article. I spent a long time writting it, used the split summary, and when I hit save, my summary was gone and only my content appeared. Please help?!

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Submitted by Munch on

Ok seen t his a couple of times.... and since I dont have this problem .... WTH is "CAPTCHA" ? Apparantly a basic browser does not have this. Guess there is beauty in simplicity?

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Submitted by adri on

after trying two different browsers and some playing around i finally got this working on internet exploder but don't ask me how...

this captcha thing is to verify you're human and not a bot posting spam... its the random words you gotta type in... the site was asking me for it but not showing me the words, kind of a catch22, and yeah, there's a LOT of beauty in simplicity.

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Submitted by madjak30 on

You just have to accept the unsecure info on the site to get the CAPTCHA to work...pain in the ass, but it works...


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Submitted by adri on

Neither Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox ask me to accept the unsecure info. Only Internet Exploder does. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Pain in the ass to surf here and remember when I'm done posting a long reply that I need to go back, open it in Exploder, and copy paste lol


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