Beginner Motorcycle Reviews

Honda CBR 500R Review

medium_Honda-CBR500R-2014_0.jpgMany people looking to get into the hobby of motorcycling often smirk when it is suggested that they look into a fantastic bike like the [L]CBR 250, Ninja 250, or the Ninja 300. This is most often the case when the soon-to-be motorcycle rider weighs over 200 lbs… “How will the bike carry me? It’s so small!” they often lament. If you wanted something manageable for a beginner, but also more “motorcycle” for the money than the 250cc offerings out there, check out the Honda CBR 500R. Right now Honda is the only sports bike manufacturer offering a 500cc class bike brand new. Suzuki no longer offers the wonderful GS500F (I myself started on a [L]GS500!) and Kawasaki stopped making the [L]Ninja 500R in 2009. Those two bikes can still be acquired in the used market, and I actually recommend that you look at something used if you are buying a motorcycle for the first time. If, however, you are dead-set on getting something off the showroom floor in 500cc’s, Honda is your only option.

Review of Kawasaki Versys

Apparently the Kawasaki marketing department came up with the name Versys as an amalgam of Versatile and System which is a neat way to say they designed it as a do everything bike rather than as a category specialist like a cruiser or sport bike.

250cc sportbike showdown

First off, two quick tips on how not to choose:

Don't pick the one that looks best in pictures - motorcycling is all about science. Yes, it's surprising, but something as cool as motorcycling relies heavily on something as geeky as physics. Just because you've read great reviews on a bike on and, doesn't mean its perfect for you. Ergonomics play a huge role. Dimensions, size, space, weight, all impact different aspects of riding. Sit on all of the bikes you're considering for a long time.

Don't pick the cheapest motorcycle - occasionally there are great ways of saving money, I've blogged on my site about tips for saving money at a dealership. Look to find ways of saving your money, don't start off by looking at what the cheapest thing available is, you get what you pay for. Buyer beware.

Second, let's look at what bikes are available in this class:


The KYMCO Venox - 10,000 km review

The most accurate motorcycle reviews probably aren't the ones you hear from strangers who take a motorcycle out on a test ride for a day or two. The best reviews come from the horse's mouth, the riders who’ve spent thousands of kilometers on a bike, drawing his or her own conclusions based on the experience. After 10,000 km (6,200 miles), it's time I shared my two cents.

KYMCO Venox Review


The Suzuki DR650 or why 650cc may not be too much

Well I like to take that back, actually. Judging bikes by their displacement is a very flawed method of describing it's features. That doesn't stop insurance companies from utilizing it for the fees you pay. Take two prime examples here: The DR650 on the one hand and the Honda Hornet on the other. About 600ccm for both of them yet the former sport about ~45 horsepower, while the latter one cranks out 115. There is simply no comparing between the two.

Yamaha YZF-R125 Review

This is the motorcycle I wish they would import into the North American market, I think it would make an excellent entry level alternative, urban commuter or competition class racer.
I want one just so I can blow by cruiser bikes ;)

Suzuki Boulevard S40 vs Suzuki Boulevard S50

'Uncle Bernie' one of the members of BBM has written about his experience of moving from the Suzuki Boulevard S40 to the Suzuki Boulevard S50. Here is a link to his original forum post: I just bought a Suzuki S50 after riding a Suzuki S40 for the last three months. Ben asked if I'd post a review of the S40 compared to the S50 I just bought so here it is... {C}

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Review Part 4 of 4

The 2008 Ninja 250 is the bike everyone is talking about this year since it has received a MAJOR face lift from the engineers at Kawasaki. Best Beginner Motorcycles was lucky enough to catch up with Gary Jaehne, the author of Sportbiking - The Real World: The Advanced Riders Handbook and Sportbiking - The Real World 2: Rider and Bike Tuning Handbook. Gary Recently purchased one of the '08 Ninja 250s and has written a 4 part ride report of his experience. {C}

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Review Part 3 of 4

Like a one-two punch I am releasing part 3 of this review just a day after part 2. During this ride Gary throws off his rose colored glasses and looks deep down for any problems with the brand new 2008 Ninja 250. Will these new found 'nits' outweigh all of the benefits of the new ninja?

Only one way to find out!

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Review Part 2 of 4

Now is the long awaited second part in the 4 part review of the all new 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250. Part 1 was more of an easy going ride, but we all knew that wouldn't last long. For this ride Gary starts to open the bike up a bit more and tests the limits of the suspension. Stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4 where Gary takes the bike to even more extreme lean angles and higher rev limits!