5. Schuberth

Schuberth is a German helmet manufacturer that is focused on the high end.

Their almost 90 years of history and engineering leadership has many pundits list them at the very top the helmet world with their unrivaled accolades and proprietary products.

Unique among manufacturers they own the end to end process and operate in many industries so their R&D is second to none (they have their own in-house labs and wind tunnels). When is comes to safety, comfort and superior helmets it is tough to beat Schuberth who does in fact sit at the top of the premium brands category.

The downside to that of course is that Schuberth aren’t cheap so they may not be a good fit for all budgets.

Where to Buy Schuberth Helmets

BestBeginnerMotorcycles has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner. Both Amazon and Revzilla have a big selection of Schuberth helmets. Please note that we may get a commission if you end up purchasing through links on this page.


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Schuberth Helmets on Amazon

C4 Helmets - Following A Legend

The C4 is the long-awaited update to the popular Schuberth C3 helmet. Launched in Spring 2017 with six different solid colors and a price point north of $600, this is a real premium helmet. The modern design with a compact shape make this flip-up helmet a great all-rounder.

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E1 Helmets - Modern Adventure

The E1 is a modern adventure helmet with the convenience of a flip-up and the safety that we’ve come to expect from the Schuberth team. The innovative dual sport helmet for enduro, touring and adventure riders offers the highest level of comfort, flexibility and safety for both onroad and offroad riding. We love the idea of the sophisticated ventilation system (haven’t tested it yet so can’t say it works) inside the helmet shell that Schuberth says provides a constant flow of fresh air.

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R2 Helmets

The R2 is Schuberth’s take on a classic full face helmet. As always, Schuberth has a unique design that we love. Tech-laden, the R2 has integrated antenna, installed speakers and microphone. Combined with a high quality inner lining, comfortable fit and forehead and chin ventilation, this is a solid everyday choice.

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SR2 Helmets - All About Performance

Schuberth’s raciest helmet is the SR2. The guys at Revzilla describe the SR2 as Aerodynamic perfection meets ergonomic excellence and we think that pretty much nails it. The Schuberth SR2 is designed to eliminate distraction and maximize clarity and vision. A no-nonsense race style helmet this thing is all about performance. It is the details that matter when wearing a race helmet and the SR2 has the best ventilation we have seen on a helmet, it is lightweight and comfortable and nails the details. Hard to beat.

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C3 Pro Helmets

Function meets style. The best flip-up helmet on the road, proven 100,000 times. High-quality materials, user friendly functions, thorough testing and design, and decades of research and testing have led to the world’s most technologically advanced modular helmet. The C3 Pro is in accordance with the DOT 218 testing standard, making it road legal throughout North America. The C3 PRO is one of the quietest helmets in the world. The ergonomically shaped neck roll is designed in conjunction with the chin skirt to reduce wind noise passing under the helmet.

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M1 Helmets

The Schuberth M1 may look like a (somewhat) ordinary length open-face motorcycle helmet, but it isn’t. Every detail makes the M1 the “Schuberth of open-face helmets”. That includes the outstanding build quality, paint and overall finish, the no-seams ultrasonically welded three-part liner. The Schuberth M1 is a class-leading entry in the open-face helmet range. It has outstanding build quality and an extensive feature set not found on other high-end open-face helmets.

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