Arai Corsair V HelmetArai is probably the oldest helmet manufacturing company in the world. The company started its operation in 1926 in Japan and hasn’t looked back since.

This Japanese company manufacturer makes the best motorcycle helmets in the world right now.

Hand made of only the best materials, this is the high-end manufacturer that others envy.

The company has a strict policy on the quality of their helmets and their testing approach is legendary. Arai makes flawless helmets that are expensive. Across safety and comfort they are really the top brand on the planet.

Things We Like About Arai Motorcycle Helmets

  • ARAI helmets are extremely stylish.
  • Handmade perfection.
  • ARAI helmets make use of high quality materials.
  • The helmets are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Aero is top-notch on all helmets, cutting wind noise and maximizing comfort.
  • The helmet contains a chin wind deflector that cuts off the wind perfectly.

Things We Don’t Like About Arai Motorcycle Helmets

  • ARAI helmets are extremely expensive.


Bikers who are looking for a perfect blend between style and safety should go for ARAI helmets. If you can afford it there is no question that ARAI helmets are the pinnacle in the helmet world.

Hands On Arai Helmet Reviews

Arai Signet Q Full Face Helmet Review. This is one advanced motorcycle helmet. With peel-away temple pads adding lots of customization, giving the helmet interior a little extra width when needed. Enhanced for customizable micro fitment interior without the need to purchase extra interior components. New FCS (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design. Innovative and exclusive spring support adds just the right amount of pressure when needed while being worn. Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards. Read full review or check out specs and pricing.

Where to Buy Arai Motorcycle Helmets

BestBeginnerMotorcycles has worked closely with RevZilla over the years to provide our testers with products to review. In addition to being a great site to shop from, they’re also a great partner. Both Amazon and Revzilla have a big selection of Arai helmets. Please note that we may get a commission if you end up purchasing through links on this page.


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Full Range of Arai Motorcycle Helmets (for 2018)

Corsair X Helmets - The Best. Period.

Definitely the most popular helmet in the entire Arai range, the Corsair has long been renowned as one of the most advanced, highest quality helmets available anywhere in the world. It represents the culmination of Arai’s vast experience in helmet design and unwavering focus on rider protection. The Corsair V was a hard act to follow and the team at Arai absolutely nailed it with the Corsair X.  The most dramatic change was the new face shield pivot location and removal system which Arai calls the “Variable Axis System” (VAS) where the face shield pivot point is now lower on each side. Arai said this yields an average of 24 mm of additional smooth shell area above the side pods.

The Arai Corsair-X is an outstanding improvement to an already outstanding helmet. Although primarily designed for motorcycle racing, it’s probably the answer to “What is the best helmet I can buy?” question on many riders’ lips. It does everything well and the changes are all a positive. The only issue is getting over the cost. But if you want the best, you’ll have to pay for it, simple as that.

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Signet-X Helmets - Narrow Head?

The Arai Signet-X is the answer for riders with “Narrow” head shapes and it brings all of the new Arai “X” features to their “Long Oval” head shape helmet, completing the triumvirate. However, you’ll pay for the privilege, as the list price is expensive.

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Quantum-X Helmets - Round Head Heaven

Round-heads, earth-shaped heads and “bulb” heads finally have a helmet that fits. There’s nothing like it and the Quantum-X has all of the very latest Arai improvements and updates. The icing on the cake is that it has among the best ventilation you’ll find in any helmet, period. Like all Arai helmets, the only issue is the list price. But if you’re a serious motorcycle rider with a “Round”, “Earth” or “Bulb” shaped head, it’s worth every penny!

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Vector 2 Helmets - Safety & Convenience

The features of the Arai Vector 2 are focused on safety and convenience. The build quality and finish are excellent. The view out of the eye port is fantastic thanks to a wider face shield. A larger rear duct that creates 50% more vacuum (increased air flow) is a noticeable improvement too. The comfortable interior makes the Vector 2 a great place to keep your head for hours on the road and the ample ventilation is outstanding when the weather is warm. Arai Vector 2 helmets have a neutral “intermediate oval” shape and should fit very similarly to the original Arai Vector helmet. Great color and style options are available.

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VX-PRO Helmets - Ultimate Off-Roader

Carrying the banner of the highly-acclaimed VX-Pro series Helmets, the Arai VX-Pro Helmet continues to set the standard other dirt helmets aspire to. Like all Arai helmets, the VX-Pro helmet shell is made entirely by hand and uses Arai’s unique R75 Shape concept. This results in a rounder, smoother and stronger shape that will more easily glance off impacts, instead of catching. This is the ultimate off-road helmet for the discerning rider.

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XD-4 Helmets - Adventure Seeker

The Arai XD4 Helmet replaces the category leading Arai XD-3 Dual Sport Helmet. The Arai XD-4 Helmet features a SNELL M2010 certification and offers improvements in weight, aerodynamics, fit and airflow. This is probably the most popular premium helmet for adventure riders and for good reason, it really is perfect.

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XC Helmets

The Arai XC helmet range is the ultimate open-face motorcycle helmet choice for those looking to balance open face fun with real protection. The thing you will notice is the extra coverage you get, going all the way down to your jaw which is unique amongst open faced helmets. It works too, which is a boon to safety, offering more facial coverage without sacrificing traditional open feel.

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