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No online instruction will ever replace what you will learn from hands-on experience. However, you can’t always just hop on a bike and ride.

We work with experienced riders and motorcycle riding instructors to create content for beginners and those new to motorcycling. Our goal is to help people make good decisions by being a source that you can trust.

We strongly recommend that all new riders take motorcycle riding classes. The skills you will develop in said class will empower the rest of your riding, help you gain confidence, and teach you fundamental techniques that will keep you safe on the road.

Motorcycle Riding Instructors, Mechanics, & Experienced Riders

Guide Contributors

Robert Gabbin, Motorcycle Riding Instructor

Robert Gabbin

I am an avid rider and love being able to introduce others to my passion. I have worked as an instructor for the SAIT Motorcycle Operation & Safety classes for the past four years (I was an instructor with the Calgary Safety Council for five years prior to that). Through this course, I have helped dozens of new riders learn how to safely ride.

My hope is to help new riders from all over the world build the essential skills and competencies needed to safely ride a motorcycle. Enjoy the content we have created, and as always, make sure you’re riding safely!

Jim Pruner

Jim Pruner

  • I Ride: 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2SX SE, 2019 KTM 790 Adventure
  • Years Riding: 20+ Years
  • Experience: Heavy Duty Mechanic and genuine motorcycle nut

By day, I’m a heavy-duty mechanic working on monster machines in Alberta’s oil patch. By night, I’m a budding motorcycle journalist.

I wasn’t actually born on a motorcycle, but you probably wouldn’t know that. I’ve spent most of my life riding and obsessing over these machines, and over the years I’ve had some really memorable experiences while riding a motorcycle.

I’ve ridden a motorcycle up the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk, reviewed Ducati’s in the French Riviera, and sampled everything from 200 horsepower land rockets to the most exciting entry-level bikes on the market.

Learn the Fundamentals Before Sitting on the Bike Seat

Preliminary Reading: Start Here First

The Basic Parts on a Motorcycle

The Basic Components & Parts Of A Motorcycle

  • Written By: Robert Gabbin, Riding Instructor
  • Reading Time: Estimated 15 minutes


In this article, I will be creating a reference guide on the majority of basic/common components & parts of a motorcycle along with a brief description of what the device does and where it may be found on a motorcycle. I will also include varying technologies that can be associated with many of the parts and components in this guide.

Read Now: The Basic Parts of a Motorcycle

Before Getting on a Motorcycle

Before Getting on a Motorcycle

  • Written By: Robert Gabbin, Riding Instructor
  • Reading Time: Estimated 15 minutes


What does it mean to ride a motorcycle, and how should you get started? This article outlines a high-level of what you need to know before you even get on a bike.

Robert discusses the importance of riding ATGATT, physical and mental challenges you’ll encounter while learning, and important philosophies you’ll need to stay safe while on the road.

Read Now: Before Getting Onto a Motorcycle

Pre-Ride Checks

Pre-Ride Checks

  • Written By: Robbert Gabbin, Riding Instructor
  • Reading Time: Estimated 10 minutes


Okay, so now you know a bit about why we ride and what parts on your bike you need to pay attention to. You’re ready to ride, right? Not quite…

In this article, Robert outlines important pre-ride checks to conduct prior to every ride and prior to every riding season. No rider was ever harmed by being prepared, so dive in and see what to check before you ride!

Read Now: Pre-Ride Checks

It's Time to Get Your Foot Pegs Wet!

Essential Riding Skills

How to Properly Get on a Motorcycle

Mounting, Dismounting, & Walking Your Motorcycle

  • Written By: Robert Gabbin
  • Reading Time: Estimated 12 minutes


Robert walks you through how to safely and easily get on and off your bike. This might sound simple, but if you’ve never manipulated a 400lb+ machine before, learning the ropes will likely save you an embarrassing parking-lot accident!

Learn how to pick up, walk, and mount your motorcycle in this informative article (with video step by steps).

Read Now: Mounting, Dismounting, & Walking Your Motorcycle

How to Use Motorcycle Clutch & Brakes

How to Operate Your Motorcycle’s Clutch & Brakes

  • Written By: Robert Gabbin
  • Reading Time: Estimated 9 minutes


For many new riders, the biggest initial challenge is managing the clutch and brakes and their motorcycle. The clutch, in particular, is challenging for some people.

This article outlines how to use your brakes and clutch, including finding the friction point and the basics of threshold braking.

This is an essential article for anyone considering hopping on a motorcycle.

Read Now: How to Operate the Clutch & Brakes on a Motorcycle

How to Start Your Motorcycle

Starting a Motorcycle & Assuming the Ready / Riding Positions

  • Written By: Robert Gabbin
  • Reading Time: Estimated 8 minutes


There’s surprising nuance to getting on your bike and starting it. Sure, you may do it a million times, but it’s the small things – like checking the position of the petcock valve – that can come back to surprise you.

In this post, Robert walks through exactly how to start your bike (and what to look for if it doesn’t start).

Read Now: How to Start a Motorcycle

Other Articles for New Riders

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Solo Motorcycling Tips & Advice For Beginners All alone on the road, only you and your bike, surrounded by nature, you’re looking for that beautiful horizon that awaits you, hearing only the engine humming… These are just a few things that will make you go for that solo trip on your motorcycle. Sometimes that isolation …

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Even if you’ve been on a hundred car road trips in your life you should realize that a long road trip on a motorcycle is much more demanding. You’ll get a lot more out of it and a motorcycle road trip gives you a much better sense of freedom than any car road trip could …

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  Must Have Tools to Maintain Your Motorcycle Before I owned a motorcycle I was mechanically inept. A great example of this is I didn’t realize that you needed to change your engine oil at regular intervals. This led to me burning up all the oil in my 1989 Chevy Suburban and destroying the water …

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Learn Motorcycle Hand Signals Motorcyclists often have to communicate with other people on the road much more often than people who drive cars. Whether it is warning other riders of potential hazards coming up or telling a car that is getting too close to you to back off. These are the basic hand signals every …

Motorcycle Basics It’s a hot summer’s day, and you’re hanging out at Starbucks getting an iced double mocha non-fat low-soy grande frappuccino when you hear something in the distance. Is it the pounding of thunder…? No, it’s the high pitched roar of a sport bike revving before it speeds off in the distance. You practically …

Learn to Ride a Motorcycle – Step 3: Training Learning HOW to ride Ok so you now know which motorcycle is good for new riders and what gear you should wear. The next thing is learning how to ride. For me, there is really only one option: Motorcycle Safety Foundation new riders’ course. Also known as the …



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