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Portable Battery to Jump Start Your Motorcycle - GooLoo GP29 Review

If you’ve been riding for a while you’ve probably had the experience of walking out to your bike, putting in the key, and trying to start the bike and…. nothing happens. Dead battery!

I’ve had that happen to me before, and it is the worst. I had a company contact me recently and they shipped me a product they offer for review. It’s a small battery that has the power to jump start your motorcycle (or a car!).

Draggin Jeans Cargo Pants Review

In our never ending quest to find comfortable, safe, and quality riding gear one of the most overlooked items is a good pair of riding pants.  Many of us are satisfied with a good jacket and jeans, while others may forego all the fanfare of pants altogether and simply don a pair of their favorite shorts.  Don't be fooled, protective pants are one of the “must haves” of motorcycle gear.  They protect an area of the body that will spend a great deal of time sliding on asphalt in the unfortunate event of a crash!

Draggin' Jeans - HoleShot Motorcycle Jean Review

I’ve been riding for years and have tried out all sorts of protective gear, especially when it comes to riding pants. I’ve worn full 1 piece suits, textile overpants, leather pants, vented pants, and motorcycle jeans. Some of those outfits make you look like an astronaut who missed the shuttle launch and decided to ride a motorcycle instead. This is especially true if you find yourself wandering through a grocery store in full motorcycle gear. You get some strange looks. 

The HoleShot jeans aim to solve that problem once and for all. 

Viking Cycle - Ironside Jacket Review, A great first jacket!

There are a few pieces of gear that every rider should include in their standard riding kit, even if they don’t use them every time.  Those pieces include a helmet, gloves, boots, pants, and the focus of this particular review, a jacket.  There are several factors that a rider will consider when choosing each of these items.

Viking Bags - Large Tank Bag Review

Viking Bags Large Tank Bag When you own a motorcycle and use it for errands and around town transportation, often times need to carry things. Sometimes you can hold things in a jacket pocket, or maybe in your pants pocket, but usually you need something a bit larger. The first time a new rider runs into this problem they may grab a backpack that they have lying around in order to carry some extra things.

River Road Ranger Harness Leather Boots

Boots are an integral part of the safety gear you should be wearing while on a motorcycle. I've heard too many horror stories of riders just wearing tennis shoes or (*cringe...*) 'Flip Flops' when they crash. Shoes like that give you no ankle support or abrassion protection which can leave a downed rider missing half a foot. I have worn and tested everything from motorcycle racing boots to moto specific riding shoes, but this was the first opportunity I had to test something a 'cruiser' rider would wear. provided me with a test pair of the River Road Ranger Harness Leather Boots to run through their paces. {C}

Shift Racing Womens Dynasty Glove Review

I believe the most important parts of our body is our hands. We use them for everything, driving, fixing things, writing, even opening a jar. We are constantly using our hands everyday, all day; so they should be protected, right? Shift has kindly asked me to reveiw the Women's Dynasty gloves for them. For the past month I have been trying them out while street riding in all conditions.

Shift Women's Envy Textile Jacket Review

Shift Racing has a whole line of women specific riding gear that I had the privilege to review for Best Beginner Motorcycles. As an average body female rider, finding a jacket that fits me well is a task unto itself. I have larger hips and a short waist and I've tried other riding jackets which just choke me because my hips are too wide and they have no adjustments for it to fit properly. I recently tested the Shift Envy which is a full textile riding jacket and it has renewed my confidence that a manufacturer can make great fitting womens gear.

Teiz Motorsports Lombard Suit Review

In my experience there are two types of motorcycle riders. No, I am not talking about Harleys VS sport bikes, or even dirt bikes VS street bikes. What I am talking about is weekend warriors VS 'Real' motorcycle riders. The former likes to take out their bike when its between 75 and 85 degrees, any hotter or any colder and they take the car. Their bike is always in pristine condition, perfectly waxed, large chicken strips on the tires, and not a scratch or a insect corpse anywhere to be seen. There is nothing wrong with being a rider like this, in fact I would venture to say that they probably have as much fun as any other motorcyclist.

USER REVIEW: Oympia AST jacket review

USER REVIEW BY TWOWHEELS I was looking for a jacket that would provide good protection and be comfortable from 80F down to 32F and hopefully waterproof. From this criteria I decided to look at 3/4 length jackets. The 3/4 length has a slight advantage in the colder weather or rain as it is less drafty and keeps the rain out of your pants. I ended up narrowing my search to the Joe Rocket Ballistic 7, Tourmaster Transition 2, Scorpion Commander and the Olympia AST.

Cortech Sport Saddlebag Review

When it comes to carrying things on a motorcycle sportbikes have gotten the short end of the stick for a long time. Cruisers are almost always seen packing around saddlebags, in fact it just seems natural for a Harley or similarly styled bike to have a luggage system of some sort. Cortech has come to the rescue of all of us sportbikers and put together an excellent saddlebag/tailbag system that would make even the most diehard cruiser rider jealous.

SHIFT Racing Womens Empire Glove Review

SHIFT is well known for producing great gloves, jackets and suits for racing or the street. What about all those women that want to rev their engines high and lean into the curves? SHIFT has got you covered with their great line of gear designed specifically for women. If you are a girl with motor oil running through her veins then read on to see how the SHIFT Empire glove holds up!

SHIFT Racing Womens Viper Leather Jacket

This review was written by Jen of - Exceptionally Curious T-Shirts. If you like to see funny stick figures in compromising situations then go to her website an d buy some shirts! Ahhh spring! The time of year to sit back and reflect on how it’s time to upgrade your gear before the summer riding season revs up. I had a jacket, tried and true, but the logos were peeling and I’ll be the first to admit it made me look like a marshmallow. So it’s not hard to see how glancing at the new Shift Viper might be construed as love at first sight.

Shift Racing Bullet Glove Review

It's pretty rare that I get a piece of equipment that I get the opportunity to crash test, mainly because I try and avoid crashes whenever possible! Unfortunately in early December 2008 I had a 30mph get-off on the freeway. I was fully geared up at the time, and one of the most crucial pieces of gear I was wearing that day was the Shift Bullet Gloves.

Shoei TZ-R Helmet Review

My first helmet was the Shoei TZ-R, which I ironically have not reviewed on this website until now. I'm not quite sure why, it's been a great helmet and the standard by which I measure other helmets that I test out. What spurned this review is that I had to retire my faithful friend recently that I have spent thousands of hours with, perhaps even tens of thousands. The TZ-R was my helmet for 3 solid years and it has since given its 'life' to protect my noggin. A couple weeks ago I was in a motorcycle accident, and that TZ-R saved my face and my brain, so I figured the LEAST I could do is give it a proper review/burial. Read on to hear my thoughts!

USER REVIEW - Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 Gloves

The following a a Motorcycle jacket review by the BBM user Budd. Fall is upon us and those mesh gloves just aren’t cutting it in these cooler temperatures. I went out looking for gauntlet style glove that could offer me some warmth in these cooler fall months. The Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 gloves were on sale at for $36, so I thought I would give them a try.

SHIFT Racing Fuel Street Shoe Review

Motorcycle boots are a key component of protection while riding. They protect you against the wind, rain, hot exhaust and the pavement if you are unfortunate enough to crash. I've heard horror stories of riders tennis shoes flying off in a crash and then the rider grinds their feet against the rough asphalt. I love my feet, they get me around quite well and I don't want anything to happen to them. I regularly ride with motorcycle racing boots so I was eager to see how these new Shift Street Shoes stacked up against them.

USER REVIEW - Xelement - Combination Armored and Cordura Vented Motorcycle Jacket Review

The following a a Motorcycle jacket review by the BBM user Sangria7. I am very new to the motorcycle riding community, and as a new rider it is very important for me to have good riding gear. Unfortunately, I have found that a lot of reviews on storefront websites are not detailed enough for my taste. At the same time, I heavily rely on these same reviews on whether or not to purchase a particular item.

Shift Airborne Jacket Review

The summers in California can get pretty hot especially when you are riding a motorcycle. Some riders choose to ride around in shorts and a T-shirt instead of any protective motorcycle gear. Just a couple weeks ago a coworker of mine who regularly rides around in normal clothes crashed his motorcycle at around 40 mph. That medium speed crash has put him out of work for a month, broken a leg and given him some nasty road rash on his legs, chest and arms. To avoid a fate similar to his I always wear my gear even if it is hot out, and this SHIFT Airborne jacket has made that much more pleasant.

Olympia Motosports Airglide 2 Jacket Review

The piece of gear I received for testing was the Mens Safety Green Airglide 2 Jacket. The first things I noticed when I took it out of the box were, "Wow this seems like a good quality jacket," quickly followed by, "Wow, this is... bright!" The jacket is made out of Cordura and covered in 3M Scotchlight reflective material. I already have a bright green Kawasaki motorcycle, but when you place this jacket next to it, my bike appears to be a deep shade of forest green. To be honest I was a little apprehensive about wearing something so bright since I normally ride in a black helmet, black leather jacket, black overpants, black gloves, and black motorcycle boots (notice a theme?). After a little debate I figured that I should give it a shot, besides whats the worst that could happen?

Shoei RF-1000 Review

Shoei is a name synonymous with quality helmets and for good reason: they make some of the best helmets out there; used by professional racers and everyday commuters alike. My first (and current) helmet was a Shoei TZ-R and it has served me well throughout my years of riding. When the opportunity arose to test out the new Shoei RF-1000 I was very excited to see what improvements were made over my TZ-R.

SHIFT Racing - Torque Street Jeans Review

Many first time motorcyclists are stunned by the amount of gear they should be wearing if they want to protect against the variety of potential injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The pavement is not very forgiving, and one of the most common traumas motorcyclists receive is road rash. Road rash happens when the rough pavement grinds off layers of skin, muscle, and if you skid fast and far enough, bone. Even with the threat of road rash, a lot of new riders do not want to wear leather pants or textile overpants when riding.

Tourmaster Cortech Sport Tail Bag Review

Although I love my Chrome Messenger Bag, I found that sometimes I just don’t want something on my back when I am riding my motorcycle, especially if I am carrying something heavy or something that needs to be transported horizontally (like food!). I looked around for an inexpensive but good quality solution and came across the Cortech Tailbag.

Shift M1 Leather Jacket Review

For a long time my only riding jacket was a First Gear Mesh jacket, and it held up pretty well in all weather conditions. After trying on my friends leather jacket and seeing how much more protection it offered, I decided I needed to get some leather of my own. There are a lot of brands out there to decide from: Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, Icon, Vanson, Teknic and dozens of others. While surfing various motorcycle forums I heard some really good things about Shift Racing jackets so I decided to check them out.

Fog City Pro Shield Review

I really love my Shoei helmet, it is comfortable, has a removable liner, and I can switch out the face shields easily. The one thing that it gets a C grade on is vents! For some reason my helmet fogs up more than my friends helmets, even if they spent less money on theirs. Since winter is coming it has been getting colder in the mornings when I ride to work. At these cold temps I have noticed that my helmet even fogs up when I am going 20mph or so in traffic! I finally decided to do something about it, and Fog City is definitely something I would recommend.



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