New rider tips, guides, and reviews on great starter bikes.

The 12 Best Starter Motorcycles in 2016 and 2017

Every year I put out a list with some of the top beginner motorcycles that are available in the USA. Some of the other countries in the world have it easier as they often times have lower CC bikes available that the USA doesn’t have.

Over the past decade more manufactures have been designing bikes specifically for new riders. There are some exciting motorcycles this year, and I’ve organized this list to go from smallest engine to largest engine.

Motorcycle Insurance Beginner Guide (My Story)

One of the things you need to do before riding your bike for the first time is to get motorcycle insurance. Insurance isn't a 'necessary evil' like some people think it is (usually those paying high prices!), it is actually something that can prevent major financial disasters.

The BEST advice from an advanced rider

The following article was written by Geoffrey Chisolm, a self described  "55 year old semi-retired motorcycle guy." As a new rider it can be very helpful to learn from those who have been around a while. So grab a cup of tea and read on to hear some of the nuggets of wisdom Geoffery has to share!

Start at the beginning with motorcycle history

How I survived being a new motorcycle rider

When I first started riding motorcycles, in 1974, I was told two things I should always remember and which have served me very well over the years. The first thing was that I should ride like I was make of glass, for two reasons. One, it means I am invisible to the car drivers and, two, if I fall down, I could break into a million little pieces!

5 Steps to Winterize Your Motorcycle

As the Starks from Game of Thrones like to say… “Winter is coming.” If you live in a place like California or Florida, you may still be able to ride in the winter if you don’t mind dealing with the occasional rainstorm. For most of us that live in a place with all four seasons, winter means ice and snow. That is no fun to ride in!

How to convince your family to let you ride a motorcycle

You’ve seen motorcycles riding around town. They look like so much fun! Maybe your friends ride and you want to. There is just one thing standing in your way… your family.

Maybe it’s your parents who don’t want you to get a motorcycle as your first vehicle. Maybe it’s your wife or husband that fears for your safety and forbids you from getting one. Whoever it is, here are some solid arguments you can use to convince your loved ones that you should get a motorcycle.

Acknowledge how dangerous motorcycles are

Best and cheapest beginner motorcycle to buy

Once that motorcycle bug hits you, it can be hard to shake. Many people don't have a few thousand dollars of disposable income to just drop on a brand new toy on a whim. That means research, getting creative, and figuring out how to get the best bang for your buck. This guide should give you some good ideas to follow when buying a cheap and reliable bike.

Top 12 motovloggers to watch in 2015

What is motovlogging? Well, to put it simply it's when you strap a camera to yourself or your motorcycle and you film your ride. Motovlogging is becoming really popular on youtube, and there are a few riders out there that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. For some it is even a full time job.

I think motovlogs are great because it gives you a peak into the motorcycle community. Plus, you can live vicariously through some of these riders by watching their videos. Some of them aren't the safest riders out there, but everyone on this list is very entertaining.

The Must Have Tools to Maintain Your Motorcycle

small_female mechanic.jpgBefore I owned a motorcycle I was mechanically inept. A great example of this is I didn’t realize that you needed to change your engine oil at regular intervals. This led to me burning up all the oil in my 1989 Chevy Suburban and destroying the water pump. Motorcycles need even more maintenance than cars, so here is a list of all of the tools you will need to do your own wrenching.

The 5 Pieces of Gear You Need to Ride a Motorcycle

girlmotorcyclehelmet_0.jpgRiding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. According to NHTSA data, motorcycling is 33 times more dangerous than driving a car. There is a saying in motorcycle culture that there are two types of riders: Those who have crashed, and those who haven't crashed yet. 

Don't let that scare you off, with the proper gear you can enjoy how amazing riding is while keeping your skin on your body.

Best Starter Motorcycles for 2015

best-beginner-motorcycles-2015.jpgEvery year there are brand new motorcycle released by the major manufacturers. Some of them are variations on classics, others are completely new designs. Lately there has been a trend of catering to the new rider, and those that like lower displacement motorcycles. Maybe people are starting to realize how inexpensive they are to operate and how fun they can be on the street!

Tips for Your First Month of Riding a Motorcycle

medium_calendar.jpgYou've done it, you have decided you want to ride a motorcycle. Congratulations, you are in for quite the ride (haha! Oh I love my bad puns). This article is to prepare you for your first month of riding. I remember during my first month there were many scares, many stupid mistakes, and even once where I dropped the motorcycle. This article will hopefully prepare you and let you avoid some of the errors I made.

Getting started beginner motorcycle guide

Motorcycles are FUN! That is the number one reason why most people ride. They look cool, they sound great, and they are an awesome way to meet people with the same interests. I think one of the most attractive features of riding is the feeling of independence one feels when on the open road. It doesn't matter whether you are riding a cruiser, the latest Italian super-bike, or maybe a vintage cafe-racer. They all give you that feeling of exhilarating freedom and presence of mind that only riders understand. There is nothing quite like cracking the throttle open on a long stretch of highway as you feel the vibrations of the engine and the wind rushing past... it's a fantastic feeling!

Top 7 Things That Will Happen in a Motorcycle Crash (NSFW with Pics & Video)

When you crash on a motorcycle there are a lot things that can happen, all of them are bad. Unlike when riding in a car you aren’t protected by safety belts and a roll cage, instead you are ejected from the vehicle. Here is a list of some of the things you can expect if you crash on a motorcycle, especially if you don’t wear protective gear.

2013 Top 6 Motovloggers to watch on youtube!

If there is one thing I search a lot for on youtube, it’s motovloggers. I’ve been without a motorcycle for about four years now, and to get my two-wheeled fix I count on people recording themselves riding. As I save up for my next bike, I am reminded of a time before I started riding where I was researching everything I could about motorcycle riding. If youtube had been around then, I’m sure that I would have watched dozens of motovlogs in an effort to learn more about the riding experience. I’ve put together my list of the top 6 motovloggers I watch on a regular basis. Here goes!

How to Survive with no Car and Only a Motorcycle

How difficult will life be if I get rid of my car and only have a motorcycle? That is a question that I remember asking about 4 years ago after I bought my first motorcycle, a 2002 Suzuki GS500. At the time I had a 1989 Chevy Suburban as my secondary vehicle, but I rarely took it out because of the stress of driving such a large (and gas hungry) car. Eventually the suburban broke down and I sold it thus starting my foray into living without a four wheeled cage. Sure, things might be a little tough, but it can't be THAT hard to get around with only a motorcycle right? Here is what I have learned being car-less for the last few years. 

Motorcycle Hand Signals

Motorcyclists often have to communicate with other people on the road much more often than people who drive cars. Whether it is warning other riders of potential hazards coming up or telling a car that is getting too close to you to back off. These are the basic hand signals every rider should know.

Four Ways to Save Money by Riding a Motorcycle

In these tough economic times people are trying to find any way possible to save money. If you do it properly, riding a motorcycle can save you a ton of cash while at the same time being a really fun way to commute. We all know riding a motorbike is a lot cooler than clipping coupons!

What went wrong in this Ducati crash?

The following is an article written by the BBM user MegaSpaz. October 5th, 2008. A day I won't forget about. It was a great day for a group ride on a new road in California. Nothing much different than previous Sundays, except for the route. The main, fun part of the loop was Highway 132 to Highway 49. The day was sunny and dry and both highways are known for having good road conditions. Highway 132 is a fast road with long sweepers. Highway 49 is an slower, uphill road with decreasing/increasing radius, tight L-turns, and level/camber changes. Sounds like a fun ride, no? It was until... I crashed. 

Top 5 Reasons to Start on a 250cc Motorcycle

There are many different reasons to start your motorcycle riding career on a smaller bike. You may not have considered something in a 250cc class before, but by the end of this article you will have a few really solid reasons to consider them for your first bike. Here are few of the BEST reasons that may convince you to pick up that 250cc motorcycle.

The Motorcycle Crash of Chris Young

This is the story of Chris Young who suffered a really bad crash and survived. I think it is a good example of a lesson learned, although a painful one at that. Enough description, on to Chris' crash!

"My name is Chris Young and I live in Auburn, Alabama. I have been riding motorcycles for almost 19 years. Sport bikes for just over 10 years, I have been on the track at Roebling Road, GA. with both of my bikes, CBR900rr and the TL-R. I consider myself a good rider with a good head on my shoulders. I have wrecked many times, well maybe three or four, two times with full gear and two times without. 

8 Great Beginner Riding Habits

There are a few things that it will take you a few months to learn once you finally get your motorcycle and you start riding regularly. If you are lucky you will have a riding mentor with some experience help guide you and tell you some of these tips, but if you don’t then feel free to study this guide. This is a lot to remember at first so when I started riding I would only concentrate on doing one thing really well for the whole ride, like looking through the turn for example. Eventually this becomes automatic and you can concentrate on building other good habits.

Best Beginner Motorcycle - Who Am I?

After some nudging from Sam I decided to write this little article about who I am, why I made this website, and why you should listen to me and not your buddies. Feel free to post your comments after you read the article with any other questions you might have!

Why a 600cc Motorcycle is Not a Good Beginner Bike (updated)

Remember when you were first learning to drive a car? You fumbled with the clutch, you killed it multiple times, lots of starts and stops. In my family when we were taught how to drive we used one of the older cars in our garage, that way if something happened the good cars wouldn't be damaged.

Learning to drive was very frustrating to me at first, I couldn't figure out how to operate the clutch and smoothly shift gears in a way that didn't jerk everyone around. I was very happy to learn in that 10 year old car, it made things much easier for me. The first time I drove my moms brand new Subaru WRX I nearly steered into the fence because I wasn't used to a car with such a sensitive gas pedal.

Beginner motorcycles that don't LOOK like beginner motorcycles.

We've all been there, we love the look of the 600cc and 1000cc motorcycles but we realize we don't yet have the skills to pilot them. The smart ones will pic a smaller motorcycle and deal with the outdated looks of their beginner bikes, the not so smart ones may go out and buy that 600cc machine and see it crashed before their first month. Now you don't have to choose, because here are a few motorcycles that are low displacement, but still have racer inspired stylings that will get you all the looks at your local star bucks.

Motorcycle basics

It's a hot summers day, and your hanging out at Starbucks getting an iced double mocha non-fat low-soy grande frappaccinio when you hear something in the distance. Is it the pounding of thunder...? No, it's the high pitched roar of a sport bike revving before it speeds off in the distance. You practically drop your frappaccinio , because it's love at first sight. Not the guy in the leathers and armor, but the machine below him with the crisp paint job, exotic looks, and menacing sound....

Well, I may be exaggerating, but somehow or another you've decided that you like motorcycles and you want to ride them! Congrats on picking one of the best hobbies out there, now you just need to know how to get started! Here are a few basic tips that will help you get your feet wet in the world of motorcycles.

Are Motorcycles Cheaper Than Cars?

Fact: Motorcycles are faster, more agile, better looking, and are cheaper to own and maintain than cars. True or false? This myth of 'cheap' transportation has been circulated again and again, by future riders when trying to convince someone (or themselves) that buying a motorcycle is the only logical financial choice. Unfortunately, motorcycles may not be as cheap as originally thought. So when it comes to the old question "Are motorcycles cheaper than cars?" The short answer is: Sometimes.

Buying a New Motorcycle Vs. Buying a Used Motorcycle

For the sake of this article you can consider buying a used motorcycle from a dealership the same as buying a new motorcycle from a dealership. This is because every dealership i have known personally checks over and certifies every used motorcycle they sell, but don't be afraid to ask them what they have done to ensure the motorcycles reliability.

Motorcycle Reserve Fuel Switch Guide

Fuel PetcockFuel PetcockSo your cruising down the freeway and all the sudden your motorcycle starts to lose power. Its still chugging chugging chuggin along until finally you are forced to pull over and the motorcycle dies. We have ALL been there before, and the lucky ones of us know that its a simple problem of flipping the fuel tank petcock, but for the new rider it can be very confusing and intimidating.