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CMA National Trial

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Fri, 08/20/2010 - 20:04 -- TrialsRider

I'm hosting a National Trial event this Sunday and I'm just a little bit concerned with the weather forecast, so if anyone has control over that can you please make it stay dry until about 5:30 on Sunday ? Thank-you :)

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And whenever some one would come to him with a request like that, his response was always "I'm in sales, not management."

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If I were any good with the weather, I would have put 3000 miles on my bike so far this summer rather than a measly 600.

Have a good time. I bet the weekend will be a blast...

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...unfortunately I failed to specify PM and the early morning deluge made for a very challenging event.
Despite wet moss and muddy section conditions, we were extremely pleased with yesterday's results and the rider skills displayed at this years event absolutely amazing. All in all the event was a tremendous success, enjoying participation by more than 40 riders from as far as Victoria B.C., Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

That new 15 foot high rock face I posted a couple of weeks ago now has dozens of tire tracks up it and once again my bike is covered in muck, so time to get out the old toothbrush, fresh oil and that fresh rear tire I should have put on before the weekend. :( sometimes you should not listen to the wife ) I crashed twice and the second one very nearly broke my hip, fortunately no damage was sustained to my motorcycle.
...oh yea, btw, I won the Grand Vet 1st. place gold at both Saturday and Sunday events, so I guess that makes me the CMA 2010 Canadian National Grand Veteran Trials Champion :)

Will share some photos with you as soon as they become available, I was too busy riding to take any myself, but a close friend apparently took about 1000 photos and a couple of hours video.

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Section 5
Jonathan Rock Arden TrialsMotorcycle TrialsJonathan Rock TrialsMotorcycle Trials
...the next 2 are Amy Szoke and husband Jordan, both of Roadracer fame.
female Trials riderJordan Szoke Trials
Triple step in section 4 and a Double step in section 2
PhotobucketObserved Motorcycle Trials

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Man that looks fun, I've never been on a dirt bike :(

Ride Hard and Strong, but safely ;)

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One of my favorite rocks
...a nice series to see how the Experts do it
...our youngest competitor
...our eldest competitior, 58 is his rider number and his age


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